Fishing in small alpine lakes

Live a unique experience, sleeping in a mountain hut and fishing brook trout at dawn

Fishing in small Alpine lakes

This experience starts with a night spent in a mountain hut, waking up at dawn and penetrating an alpine lake’s crystal clear water. It’s time to get dressed for success. First of all, get your waders and boots on, and do not forget your fishing rod. Peace, silence and untouched nature surround you. It’s time to choose the perfect fly, paying attention to the insects flying around you and to the hatching ones.

It’s you alone, you and your fishing rod, you and clear water around your belt, you waiting for your trout. Suddenly your fly disappears under water and the capture emerges. Well done, take a picture with your capture and then let it go back to its environment. This is a unique experience any adventurous fisher looking for excitement should try, at least once in his lifetime. You can live such emotions in some of the best Trentino spots, as the fishing area Regorie. It follows the bed of Sarca’s river, in the very heart of Giudicarie valley, very close to Adamello Brenta’s Nature Park. Otherwise, you can fly-fish at Lago Nembia, a nature reserve, located a stone’s throw away from the fairy-tale Brenta Dolomites. High altitude fishing in Val Nambrone and its small alpine lakes gives a rush of adrenaline to fishers. Who loves shimmering brook and brown trout will be in heaven fishing in Val di Fumo. This valley is at the foot of Adamello’s glacier: it seems like Canada landscape, just more reachable by anyone.