Dolomiti Palaronda Ferrata

4 tours to experience the Pale di San Martino Plateau from dawn to dusk

You surely must have heard of the Pale di San Martino, the largest mountain range in the Dolomites, to the east of Trentino. Well, this summer is the right time to come and pay a visit in person!

If you know the basic techniques of climbing and aren't afraid of heights, you can think about attempting one of the trails of the “Dolomiti Palaronda Ferrata”, touch the pure limestone rock of these mountains with your boots and grasp the cords and ropes of the countless iron paths that can be found among these peaks.

palaronda | © Roberto De Pellegrin

4 Tour proposals

The “Dolomiti Palaronda Ferrata” offers 4 types of tour based on tours lasting several days and which are suitable for all needs and levels of preparation. During the day, head along the well-signposted paths and discover the area's most beautiful fixed-rope routes; at night, you can rest in the cozy Alpine shelters.

The “Quick Tour” and the “Explorer Tour” are specifically designed for enthusiasts of fixed-rope routes who only have a few days, while the “Classic” and “360” versions include a more comprehensive experience, spending up to eight days exploring the Pale di San Martino Massif.

Palaronda | © Roberto De Pellegrin

Palaronda Ferrata Classic

6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS | 3,780 m. D+ | 3,595 m. D- |48,6 km

This tour is ideal for those wishing to enjoy an adventure that isn't too long, but which allows you to explore the Pale di San Martino in six stages via a dense network of fixed-rope routes and equipped trails.

The starting point is the town of San Martino, which leads to the Rifugio Pradidali across the beautiful Val di Roda. The trail then continues along the fixed-rope route of Porton and of Velo to the Rifugio Velo della Madonna and across the beautiful and equipped Cacciatore path, which brings you to the foot of the evocative Sass Maor face and then from here to the Rifugio Canali “Treviso”.

Skirting the Ghiacciaio della Fradusta (the Fradusta Glacier), you come to the Rifugio Rosetta, where you can climb up to the homonymous Peak and admire the sunset. Finally, heading east of the massif of the Cimon della Pala, make your way down until you come to the iconic Baita Segantini, from where you can head back to the starting point on foot or by transport.

Prepare your equipment and train your ambition to rise to the challenge!

Palaronda | © Roberto De Pellegrin

Dolomiti Palaronda Ferrata Classic

Published on 15/06/2023