Do you know the GREEN music?

Val di Fiemme, the intuition of a soundboard maker

As alternative to the standard speakers, Val di Fiemme is the creator of a revolutionary wood sound amplifier which radiates a more original and even sound.

There is another way to listen to the music. Val di Fiemme, the Trentino homeland of the resonance spruces that international luthiers and piano manufacturers has always appreciated, can demonstrate it. Here, Fabio Ognibeni discovered that one wood board can replace the standard speakers and spread a more natural sound. His great insight derives from his notable experience at Ciresa Srl of Tesero, the manufacturing and exporting company of soundboards for the most valuable pianos, like the famous German Bechstein.

The soundboard of a piano or a violin is the wood membrane emitting the sound by vibrating when strings are run. It may sound weird, but the wood is the sound-emitting element – not the strings.

Do you know the GREEN music?

Technology and design for an innovative home

After years of analysis and selections of the spruce wood of Val di Fiemme – that even Stradivari liked much - Fabio Ognibeni found a different way to make it vibrate and sound. He managed to reproduce any kind of music played by a home sound source (TV, radios, DVD player).

The result was a sublime sound spread uniformly. While the standards speakers are directional, his sound amplifier had a surrounding effect. Furthermore, its sound was more original, clearer and purer. The material used to create the musical instruments turned out to be the most appropriate to transmit their harmony.

“Opere Sonore” is the name of these extraordinary natural sound amplifiers. Every single one has a different shape in order to be elegant furnishing accessories.

In Val di Fiemme, the music goes on naturally.

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Published on 06/06/2023