Come about in Trentino, the top sailing destination

All the excitement of speeding along on crystal-clear waters, pushed by the Ora del Garda wind.

Crystal clear waters, beaches for swimming, and an internationally unique microclimate. Surrounded by majestic mountains, the Garda is the largest lake where you can practise your sailing skills, thanks to the Ora, its famous wind. Every year, it hosts dozens of international regattas and sailors from all over the world. You can also sail on lake Caldonazzo, the largest lake that is entirely part of Trentino territory, and on lake Ledro, ideal for water sports, with great water for swimming and 4 different beaches.

Glide over the water

There are several different centres where you can practise sailing on Lake Garda, choose the best one for you! from Fraglia Vela in Riva del Garda to Circolo Vela in Torbole sul Garda.

Where to sleep

There are many facilities available to sailors near the beaches. Accommodation always equipped with yards and workshop for any repairs. Choose the best solution according to your needs.  

The winds

The most famous wind, and the best known among expert sailors, is the Ora del Garda, coming from the south. But there are other winds blowing on the Garda, suitable for beginners.
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Go where the music takes you..

Follow the music and you'll find the night life: concerts and DJ sets, and the urge to move and to share your experience. Fun is everywhere in the clubs in Riva del Garda and Torbole.
Published on 06/06/2023