It’s time to stretch your body – and blow your mind

With the mountains on your doorstep, the possibilities are almost limitless. 

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Adventure at the Trentino's lakes - Climbing and adrenaline sports

It’s the sheer variety of sports on offer that makes Trentino’s Lake District special. One day you might be planning across Lake Garda in a catamaran. The next, you could be climbing a limestone crag above Arco. Add in some paragliding, or maybe an ascent of a via ferrata, and you’ve got the makings of a holiday that will stretch your mind and body in all sorts of new directions. 


Look up from our lakes and sometimes all you can see is rock. So it’s no wonder this is a climber’s paradise. North of Garda, for example, Arco is famous for the quality of its rock, and variety of the routes on offer - from short, technical climbs to hair-raising multi-pitch adventures. Meanwhile, above Lake Molveno, the Brenta Dolomites offer hundreds traditional and sport-climbing routes.  



Stunning scenery, favourable winds and long, gently-sloping launch sites mean that Trentino has long been a hub for paragliders, and our lakes are amongst the most popular venues – notably Molveno, Garda, Levico and Caldonazzo. In several areas, you’ll also find highly-experienced pilots offering tandem flights for first timers, as well as advice on local conditions and where best to launch your own rig. 


Vie Ferrate

A via ferrata is a climbing route made safe and relatively straightforward by the addition of a steel cable, and a range of aids such as ladders, pegs and bridges. Equipped with harnesses, and clipped onto the cable, inexperienced climbers can then explore the kind of mind-blowing mountain landscapes usually reserved for experts. Provided, that is, they’ve got a head for heights! 


Rock Master Festival

Arco, 24th - 27th August 2017

Launched in 1987, Arco’s Rock Master Festival has become the most world’s most prestigious climbing get-together. Held in late summer, its eye-popping displays of strength and daring make it a must for anyone who’s even vaguely interested in the sport. The top event is the Rock Master Duel, which pitches the world’s best climbers against each other in a series of manic head-to-head races up the festival climbing wall.   

Published on 06/06/2023