Enjoying culture on two wheels

From the Muse to the Mart by bike

Only 25 km of cycling path separate Trento from Rovereto, a comfortable and relaxing route that unwinds along the Adige River and from the Muse of Trento leads to the Mart in Rovereto, home to a major collection of international modern and contemporary art. Here you can see the calendar of Mart's permanent exhibitions and autumn cultural events.

The cycling path runs slowly through vineyards, wine cellars and castles, passing from one side to the other of the river along the ancient via Claudia Augusta.

If you want to take your time to enjoy the journey, make a "pit-stop" at the Bici-grill of Nomi, where you can relax, enjoy the river breeze and maybe even a nice cappuccino with a slice of apple pie.

Moving on, the apple trees loaded with fruit alternate with the vineyards until, after passing Castel Beseno and Castel Pietra, which look like sentinels watching over the valley, you reach Rovereto and its Museum of modern and contemporary art.

After a tour of the Museum, we recommend an original lunch with Trentino-style finger foods, choosing from an assortment of sushi (Sushi Lake Garda, Sushi Valle di Gresta or Sushi Rio Cameras) all strictly prepared with freshwater fish and local produce.

And on the way back, if you get tired and no longer are in the mood for riding your bike, you can return to Trento by train with bike transport service.

A nice bonus? The Trentino Guest Card, which grants you free access to all museums and castles, free travel on the local transportation networks and plenty of other discounts!

P.S. You can also organise your trip in the opposite direction, just be careful of the Ora, the wind that blows from South to North in the afternoon!

Buonconsiglio Castle

Buonconsiglio Castle

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The MUSE - the Science Museum

The MUSE - the Science Museum

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Published on 16/10/2019