It’s time to take back time

Things to do on a couple getaway when you need to break free from the everyday

You are thinking of a last-minute trip together, just a couple of days, no one even needs to know. Just the two of you…on a proper escape, before the temperatures drop for good and the days are too short to enjoy the outdoors. Because there is still time to feel the warmth of the sun, have picnic on the grass and take that photo with the colourful trees in the backdrop.

The daily routine robs you of precious time. So, as partners in crime, you decide to take back time. After all, since the end of summer, you have not had a chance to stop, relax, listen to music, laugh with each other, have an impromptu dinner date, or just sit in each other’s company and enjoy the moment. Life is rich of these moments. You just need to cut out some time and make them happen.

Here, we just want to give you a hint of what is coming up, so you don’t miss out on your dream escape. A small yet rich list of things to do on a couple getaway to treat yourself and your partner…soul, heart and, why not, taste buds too.


Great expectations

This autumn take the lifts to the top of the mountains, from a bird’s eye view be dazzled by the fiery colours of the woods just below your feet. Then, sit and relax on the panoramic terrace at Rifugio Meriz Alpine Lounge, share a few dishes and raise a glass…you don’t need a reason to celebrate. End with a scenic walk on the Love Path.


Gourmet picnics

Find among the apple trees in Val di Sole the perfect patch of heaven to lay a picnic rug, relax and listen in the distance to the chatter of the harvesters intent on their picking. Open you picnic basket, filled with local deliciousness, and enjoy the authentic taste of nature.


Wine Trekking at Laste Rosse

Join local growers Silvia and Pietro on a vineyard trekking to discover this small yet prestigious winery, Groppello di Revò. Roll up your sleeves and grab a pair of shears, there’s work to do but after, you will be rewarded with a gourmet tasting.


Walk alongside flavours

Three loop tracks to do on foot or by bike, without rushing so you can take it all in. Hold hands and tiptoe around the stunning natural beauty, feel a sense of hominess while you discover the authentic culinary heritage, the core materials that forge the land and the people who live on it.


Trekking with the experts

Maso Guez, in Sebastiano of Folgaria, will be your base camp and the goats - the Alpine, the Adamello Blond and the Tibetan - will be your guides on a discovery trail through their habitat. After, you will be able to taste the delicious farm products, result of a free-range life, natural feeding and labour of love.

Published on 06/06/2023