Food & wine in Trentino: the flavours of the forest

A special season to enjoy the best local dishes

Contact with nature in October in the Trentino Forests
Outdoor activities in October and November in the mountains - italy
What to eat in Trentino in the autumn - typical mountain fruit

Our tips for a pleasant walk in the woods among apple orchards or vineyards, enjoying the peace and quiet to then savour the authentic flavours of Trentino!

A comfortable stroll to admire the landscapes and colours that autumn bestows on us, rediscovering the pleasure of walking slowly, relaxing and clearing our head from all thoughts.

Autumn is without a question the best season to experience and enjoy the forest.

In autumn, the trees turn red, brown and yellow, warm colours that mitigate the cool and crisp air.

It’s not just the colours of the forest that change, but also its aromas. The scent of resin gives way to the scent of the wet soil and mixes with that of moss. So why not treat yourself to a nice walk, looking for mushrooms, chestnuts and walnuts to then enjoy a nice stop to taste the authentic flavours of autumn in Trentino!

Several convenient opportunities for you to enjoy a comfortable stroll, but especially to admire the landscapes and glimpses, to relax and rediscover the pleasure of walking without haste and then enjoy a good lunch with cheer to taste the flavours of autumn.

Malga Roncac – Moena

A small dairy hut that curiously overlooks Moena in the woods of the village of Roncac. The cuisine is local but at the same time refined. Dishes that are so delicious that when you see them pass you would like to order them all. From the classic gnocchi with sausage ragout to the famous Cajoncie (traditional homemade ravioli). And for dessert we recommend the excellent strudel or the unmissable kaiserschmarren with currant jam.

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Rifugio Sores – Tres di Predaia

Surrounded by a forest of larches, hazels and fir trees, this mountain hut is especially suitable for families and is a convenient starting point to enjoy peaceful walks and, after a bit of outdoor activities, a tasty lunch to discover the chef’s specialities, such as the famous Piatto Sores prepared with oven-baked pork shank and polenta or roe alla cacciatora (hunter’s style with spicy tomato sauce).

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Rifugio Nambino – Madonna di Campiglio

A refined mountain hut on the shores of Lake Nambino in the heart of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. The mountain hut is accessible by foot with a walk of about 20 minutes along a short trail which, however, will give you an instant feeling of quietude, with the scents of the forest, the sound of water, the roar of the just a few steps you will be immersed in nature.

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Hosteria Cant del Gal – Val Canali, Primiero

The love song of the capercaillie gives its name to this restaurant. We are in the beautiful Val Canali, at the foot of the Pale di San Martino and the Cant del Gal is the starting point for several excursions. Among the autumn specialities, game is the star ingredient of entrees and main courses until the end of November, but if you prefer cheese over meat, try the ricotta gnocchi with walnuts, flavourful and delicate.

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Ristorante Van Spitz – Frassilongo

Completely surrounded by the larch woods of Valle dei Mocheni in the village of Kamauz. You can discover this hidden valley and its vaguely wild beauty. In addition to the classic dishes of the local tradition and of the valley, depending on the season you can find truly unique dishes: soup with nettles, the omelette with fioranzesi or sgricciole and many other dishes that are sure to surprise you.

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Published on 06/06/2023