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A ritual return from the mountain pastures

Trentino’s Desmontegada: an unmissable celebration

AUTUMN 2021 - Every September, the clanging of cowbells in Trentino’s valleys heralds the great Desmontegada festival: the malgari, or cowherds, don their traditional outfits and carry wheels of Alpine cheese, produced throughout the summer, down into the valley. Meanwhile, herds and flocks of livestock descend upon town centres, their horns festively adorned with colourful ribbons and flowers.

Desmontegada, or the descent of the goats, is an ancient festival held in late summer to celebrate the return of the animals from pasture high in the mountains to their stalls in the valleys, where they will shelter until the fine weather returns next year. The atmosphere is that of a party in which everybody, young and old, gets involved with singing, dancing and typical local products.

In Trentino, many Desmontegada events take place between late August and mid-October. Below you can find a list of these with dates, times, and some interesting facts!

Published on 12/08/2021