Fantastic stories and small adventures

5 things to do on an autumn weekend that that will bring the whole family outdoor

As autumn drapes the land with a palette of golden yellows and copper reds, the woods are transformed into an enchanted world. A place between fantasy and reality where magical adventures start with a rustle in the bushes and mischievous woodland creatures come out to play.

Autumn in Trentino is all about nature walks, family bike rides and new discoveries, like those offered by education farms and theme trails.

Here, we rounded up 5 things to do on an autumn family weekend with a difference.


Legends and magic in the woods

There was a time when people could speak with nature through an ancient language and the woodland was home to fairies, elves and dragons. Would you like to learn about this story? Set off on Sentiero Cimbro, in Luserna, and live the magical atmosphere of autumn in the woods and fairy tale-like sculptures.


Seeds of curiosity

Where does milk come from? How do you make cheese? How do you look after animals? Discover at the foot of the Pale di San Martino two great hands-on education farms: Agritur Dalaip dei Pape and Agritur Bloch, where children can have a taste of the farming world.


Adventure with Sciury the squirrel

Adventure starts in Molveno with a cable car ride to Pradel. From here, follow Sciury’s footprints to uncover the deepest secrets of the woodland and its creatures. Try this educational trail with your family and enjoy the view of one the most beautiful lakes in Italy!


The world of wood

It keeps us warm, gives us shelter and enriches our life with objects and furniture: wood is an essential part of our life. In Malè, Val di Sole, you can discover all the secrets of this important material at “Fattore Legno”, a new educational space featuring an interactive multimedia tour.


River Chiese e-biking

If you love cycling with your children, the bike track of Valle del Chiese makes for a great outing. The path runs through the countryside following the river bank, without particularly challenging gradients. But if you prefer a cruisier experience you can hire an e-bike at the start of the track.

Published on 06/06/2023