Lakes in winter are beautiful and for one are easy to reach

5 lakes in Trentino easy to enjoy also in winter

For some going to the mountains means investing in a good pair of hiking boots and spending most of the day walking, and we can’t argue with the fact that some of the best spots need to be conquered to be fully appreciated. But there’s also a kind beauty that is more accessible and less demanding. We are talking about the lakes in Trentino, not those at high-altitude - that without doubt are stunning and must be seen at least once - but those more accessible lakes that glow in all their splendour even in winter.

We’ve picked five lakes that are easy to reach by car and to explore on foot, with convenient parking spots and walking trails for all abilities.

may be chilly over winter but it’s the perfect time to soak up the magnificence of Trentino’s lakes without taking on a mountain to enjoy them.


Lake Garda

A summer paradise for lovers of all water sports and a fascinating place in winter: Lake Garda with its immense water expanse makes for a perfect winter day out between a stroll along the shores and an aperitif marvelling at the mesmerising ripples.


Lake Cei

A beautiful alpine lake nestled quietly in a natural reserve, only half-hour drive from Trento. It’s an ideal spot for relaxing walks amongst the beech trees and the reeds around the shores. In winter, the view of the lake covered with a white snowy mantle is simply idyllic.


Lake Molveno

Labelled the jewel of Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, Lake Molveno with its clear and deep blue water offers mirror-like reflections of the Dolomites peaks that surround it. A postcard scene of pristine natural beauty, particularly fascinating in winter.


Lake Santo

In winter, this picturesque glacier lake in Val di Cembra offers some of the best views. When the temperatures drop to water freezing point, the scenery of the frozen lake is otherworldly. The grassy shores enclosed by lush forests make Lake Santo an ideal spot for an easy nature walk.


Lake Ledro

Not far from Lake Garda, this beautiful alpine lake is a popular destination amongst families and those keen to discover the history of pile dwellings in the region. Few restored pile houses can be seen along the shores. The high altitude gives the lake the status of one of the most pristine lakes in Trentino. Worth braving the cold weather to snap some pictures.

Published on 06/06/2023