A winter wonderland

Vast skies, fresh air and all the joys of mountain life: discover revitalising winter holidays, in harmony with nature

During winter, nature reminds us to stop for a moment, unwind and take advantage of the colder months to replenish our energy.

It’s a chance for us to reconnect with the lives of the animals, woods and rivers that sleep below a white blanket of snow as we explore the still, silent landscapes transformed by the season.
Winter is the ideal time to enjoy a leisurely holiday, an opportunity to reflect and prepare for new adventures as well as learning more about ourselves and nature through liberating outdoor experiences, far away from any crowds.

Winter holidays in the heart of nature

Reconnect with nature

A warm embrace

Choosing the right place to spend your holiday is fundamental to creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and reflection. What better way to switch off from everything than with a few nights in a chalet on the outskirts of the woods and lighting a fire to warm the body and soul with the heat of the open flames whilst savouring a fine cup of coffee or a relaxing herbal tea?

Winter holidays in the heart of nature

The warmth of the fire

A walk in the woods

Outside, you can take long walks in your snowshoes and delve deep into the forest,  keeping your eyes peeled for animal tracks in the snow; an adventure you can also embark on in the company of forest rangers.
You may also gain an intimate glimpse of the woods by visiting them as the snow falls and breathe in air laden with the scent of snow, with nothing but your own muffled footsteps to break the silence.


The beauty of winter

Alternatively, you can explore the winter landscapes on horseback or in a romantic carriage for an extra-special memory.
Icy lakes, leaves trapped below the water, waterfalls frozen in stalactites and shimmering frost on the trees: these are magical details which offer you ever-changing perspectives on the landscape, perfect for immortalising in your photographs.

discover the magic of snow and take

discover the magic of snow and take

a winter hike
Published on 06/06/2023