Sun Terraces

Let the sun shine on your ski holiday

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where to have breakfast in Val di Fassa - Trentino
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Nowhere sums up the pleasure of spring skiing in Trentino better than a sun terrace

You’ve had a scintillating morning - skiing pistes that are just beginning to soften in the spring sunshine. Now it’s time to celebrate, with a long lunch at one of our mountain restaurants. Most come with big sun terraces, and there’s no better place to kick back, relax and let your mind wander to the summer days that lie ahead.

Spring is a wonderful time to go skiing. Brilliant sunshine, spectacular views, longer skiing days: the pleasure of being on the mountains is immense, and comes edged with a special atmosphere. Summer is just around the corner, and everyone can feel it coming. You can’t help but smile.

Nowhere is the mood more relaxed than on the many sun terraces dotted around our slopes. You’ll find them outside our mountain restaurants and refuges – scattered with tables and deckchairs, and buzzing with skiers, tucking into local specialities such as porcini mushroom tortelloni or strangolapreti. Many can be easily reached by non-skiers, too. So everyone can join in the fun, soak up the sun, and admire the stupendous views. 

Some suggestions...

Among the local favourites are the Boch mountain refuge in Madonna di Campiglio and Rifugio La Roda in Paganella, which serves up not one but two sensational views – south to Lake Garda and west to the Brenta Dolomites. Meanwhile in eastern Trentino, one of the most attractive spots is Rifugio Tognola – which has an enormous sun terrace set at 2,200m, looking straight at the Pale di San Martino massif.

And more...

There are many more. In the Val di Fassa, on Sass Pordoi, the terrace at Rifugio Maria serves up big-mountain views of the Marmolada range. Nearby, in the Val di Fiemme, Rifugio Paion, on Alpe Cermis, offers views of the Latemar and Lagorai peaks, and for those who want to stay to ski the Alpe Cimbra, the Rifugio Stella d'Italia is a must. At Passo del Tonale, Rifugio Paradiso looks onto the Presena glacier, while Monte Bondone, the mountain near Trento, has an amazing panoramic viewpoint at Rifugio Palòn, which serves up a 360-degree view across the whole of our region.

Published on 06/06/2023