Want to unleash your inner acrobat? You’ve come to the right place

Trentino’s freestyle scene is on fire right now – and its revitalized snow parks are the reason why

Over the last three or four seasons the snowboard and freestyle scene in Trentino has been buzzing with creativity and a sense of purpose. New parks, new features and a commitment to painstaking daily maintenance have turned the region into a magnet for budding acrobats.

Snowparks don’t just pop up by accident. They require investment and hard work, not just to build, but to maintain - and in recent years Trentino’s ski areas have put both money and effort into improving their facilities. Several snowparks – such as the Malga Panciana in Marilleva, the Ston8 at Alba di Canazei, and Colverde at San Martino di Castrozza– have been developed from scratch, and others have welcomed new features, such as the half-pipe and pyramid-shaped “Starship” at Obereggen. Daily maintenance programmes are in place to keep them tip-top condition, too, so you won’t find boxes subsiding into the snow, or kickers with chopped-up lips and rutted landings.

It’s not just experienced riders who will love this burgeoning infrastructure. Anyone who wants to try jumps, rails and tricks for the first time will find beginner-friendly features in almost every park. They can also contact the local ski or snowboard school, where qualified instructors will be on hand to teach them everything from the basic “pop” (the freestyler’s take off and landing) to a Cork 360.