Snowshoeing and skitouring throughout the valley

You can go ski-touring and snowshoeing on many routes in the Giudicarie Valleys

Snowshoeing and ski-touring are alternative sports that allow you to enjoy the mountains in winter and their endless stretches of snow. There are dozens of ski-touring itineraries and trails you can enjoy in the Giudicarie Centrali (Central Giudicarie Valleys). You can contact professional alpine guides to ask for advice and accompany you in complete safety. In particular, Val di Breguzzo is a ski-touring paradise.  It is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt Giudicarie valleys and, due to its peculiar morphological features, it is well suited for this type of sport.

The alpine environment extends to lower altitudes and allows ski-mountaineering or snowshoeing enthusiasts to start off with skis on their feet already at an altitude of 1150 m (in a locality called Presa), where there is a large, easy-to-get-to parking area. From here, you can go up to the peaks of the valley  ̶  which forms a large, panoramic amphitheatre  ̶   the highest of which, Cop di Breguzzo, is just over 3000 m asl. The middle part of the valley splits into two beautiful valleys: d'Arnò and Trivena. Just above the d'Arnò and Trivena mountain huts (1650 m), a vast, marvellous, wild territory opens up, which offers countless ski-touring or snowshoeing itineraries. An important point of reference for ski-tourers is the manager of the Rifugio Trivena (mountain hut) (1650 m), who, due to his great passion for the mountains, keeps the hut open throughout the winter.

Snowshoeing and skitouring in the Giudicarie Valleys

Bait dei Caciador

Another excursion we highly recommend in this valley is the one leading to “Bait dei Caciador” (the “hunters’ mountain hut”), which is a lovely 2-hour snowshoeing tour that affords fantastic views of the Gruppo Brenta (mountain range). You can start on the forest road connecting the Le Sole and Malga Cenglendino mountain huts. You continue along this road until you are slightly higher than the second mountain hut and then in half an hour you reach Bait dei Caciador. Along the way, the crisp mountain air and bucolic landscape conjure up bewitching landscapes, giving your body and mind new energy.

You can stop off for a break at Malga Congledino (mountain hut) and then take the road that leads to your destination, “Bait dei Caciador”, set in a beautiful small valley, which in winter is covered in deep snow. The typical mountain lodge, built by hunters (hence the name), is used as a mountain refuge and refreshment point for people who pass by and want to stop and spend some time in an enchanting corner of paradise. Here, you can make yourself a good cup of coffee, immersed in the silence that only less well-known mountains can offer you.


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Published on 06/06/2023