I don’t feel like skiing today!

Have fun in winter without skis

Picture the scene: you are having breakfast and looking out of the window of your chalet at the blanket of snow spread across the mountains and the pine and fir trees in the woods. It is the perfect day to introduce your children to the many different sides of mountain life in the winter. After all, there are lots of things to do in winter apart from skiing. Head out for little family adventures with gloves, boots and rosy cheeks in the winter breeze. 

If you are looking for an original experience in winter, in Trentino there are lots of options. Here are some suggestions!


Exploring art and nature

Spend a morning or afternoon visiting Arte Sella, which is less than half an hour from Borgo Valsugana by car. Art and nature come together to create living works that you can see, touch… and even enter in some cases! There is no better way to venture into the world of art.


The Biblioigloo

Instead of bookworms, in Paganella you might find “snow worms”! The area is home to a breathtaking dome-shaped library called the Biblioigloo. It is located on the Prati di Gaggia ski slopes, which are easy to reach in the Laghet-Gaggia cable car. In addition to books, newspapers and magazines, in the magical bubble 1333 m above sea level there are also workshops and a comfy corner for little ones


Everyone aboard the sled!

Just above the village of Madonna di Campiglio, an outing with the sled dogs is a trip that will create some of the most beautiful memories of your holiday: 4 km of trails on the Nambino plain, gliding through the snow pulled by Alaskan huskies. It’s an experience for all ages!


Winter Park

Discover the winter delights in Altopiano di Piné, which is heaven for snow lovers. There is something to suit all tastes at Winter Park Pradis-ci, near Lake Piazze, including tobogganing, skiing, snow tubing and sledding. Try out new sports thanks to the park's selection of courses for the whole family and its handy ski lifts and conveyor belts!


Everyone at the park

Cermislandia, Bip Club, the Kingdom of Dragons and the Gnomes’ Den: four snow parks, four spaces where you can play, run at breakneck speed, jump and take your first steps in the snow! In Val di Fiemme, children have great fun while mum and dad ski or relax in the sun!



You are in the Celado Observatory in Valsugana, an experience that focuses on the Sun, the Moon and the planets, and opens your eyes to all the wonder of the sky above us. For enthusiasts, there is also a well-stocked library.


Winter riding in snow

Between the lakes of the Altopiano di Piné, your kids will approach the world of horseback riding. An unforgettable ride along natural paths, colorful woods, and enchanting landscapes. The experience is for everyone and varies depending on the age of the children.


Trekking with goats

In Alpe Cimbra goats say hi! Maso Guez organises guided hikes for children accompanied by goats. A great experience in nature for the whole family!


On the trail of animals

Just like Gruffalo, in the snowy forest, following tracks left by the animals. Will there be the Terrible Mouse? In the Vallagarina woods, children aged 7 and over can take part in guided excursions to learn while having fun! And at the end of the walk in the snow, a delicious warm snack for everyone!


Visit to the Stelvio National Park

What an opportunity for your children! In the Park’s Wildlife Area they will be able to see deer and roe deer up close. The area is also called “deer house” and is an interesting observation point to learn about the life of ungulates up close.

Published on 22/01/2024