Ski lessons for children: how to choose

A child’s first approach to skiing, in complete safety. How? Here are some simple suggestions

Ski lessons for children: how to choose
Ski lessons for children: how to choose
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You don’t need months to learn how to ski, especially if you’re a child. Indeed, for children skiing means fun, especially if their instructor is able to convey the basic techniques in a quick and simple manner maybe making use of games and other teaching tools. But when should a child start? Are one-on-one lessons to be preferred to group lessons? How do I choose the right skiing lessons? How long does it take to learn to ski? We’ve asked our best ski instructors and here’s what they say.

The right age to start
There’s no absolute way to determine the right age to start skiing, it depends a lot on the individual child and personality. Roughly however, you could say 4 years for skiing and 8 years for snowboarding.

Rely on a professional
It’s always advisable that a professional ski instructor be a child’s first teacher, both to avoid possible accidents and to guarantee, right from the start, the proper technical approach and posture. A ski instructor is able to transmit a sense of safety and confidence to the child and help the child overcome any initial fears and doubts. Furthermore, an instructor allows the child to correctly learn skiing basics and the rules of behavior on the slopes.

Individual or group lessons?
What type of lesson to choose can prove difficult. From a practical point-of-view individual lessons give quicker results as the instructor is dedicated to the individual on a one-on-one basis, making allowance for any particular needs and learning abilities. Group lessons on the other hand require more time and are carried out differently but allow the child to relate with the group and maybe make new friends.

Good results with just 5 lessons
The number of lessons needed to reach a good skiing level depends on the child, but usually after just 4 or 5 lessons good results can be achieved.

Safety first
It’s very important that both gear and clothing comply with technical and legal standards, be of the right size and be in good condition.

Published on 06/06/2023