Sellaronda and other ski tours

Bring a sense of adventure as well as your ski boots. 

Follow our ski tours and you’ll discover just how big and beautiful the Dolomites really are.

One of the most striking aspects of Trentino’s ski areas is the way they spread – through valleys, around massifs, and in grand circuits of resort towns. So it’s easy to knit their pistes together into tours that thread through an entire landscape, and add a real sense of adventure to your skiing.
The most famous is the Sellaronda, which girdles the Sella massif. But there are plenty more.

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Topping out at 3,151m, The Sella massif sits like a great citadel of rock in the middle of the Dolomiti Superski,  dominating every view. It’s a real thrill to be able to ski round it in a single day, in two 40km circuits of lifts and pistes. Both tours – signposted orange for clockwise, green for anti-clockwise – can be skied by confident intermediates in five or six hours. There are 3 access points from Val di Fassa: Canazei, Campitello di Fassa and, since last year, from Alba di Canazei, using the cable car to the Col dei Rossi.

Panorama Tour

If the Sellaronda gives you a taste for ski tours, then you’re in luck. Trentino is littered with them. Spin off the Sella circuit into the Val di Fassa and you’ll find three more itineraries, including the short, sharp Panorama tour, which finishes with the sensational (and steep) Ciampac piste down to Alba di Canazei. Again, in Val di Fassa, you can add a touch of history and try the First World War Ski Tours, a one-day itinerary including majestic peaks and even a taste of the Marmolada glacier.

Other Skitours

Meanwhile, above San Martino di Castrozza, the Malghe Ski Carousel serves up beautiful views of the Pale di San Martino massif, while Folgaria is the launchpad for the “100km dei Forti”, which explores the landscapes of the Great War. Finally, in the west, 150km of inter-linked pistes allow you to ski from Pinzolo all the way to the Val di Sole – with a circuit of Madonna di Campiglio in between.

Ski Area Madonna di Campiglio
Published on 06/06/2023