Flying over the Dolomites

You can paraglide in the Paganella area also in winter

Paragliding from the top of the Paganella mountain range and landing on Lake Molveno is a fantastic experience that adds a touch of adventure and excitement to your winter holiday. Yes, because the winter season is not just skiing. In Trentino, you can try many other extremely exhilarating experiences immersed in nature.

In the Paganella mountain chain you can paraglide also in winter. You can rely on expert instructors who will allow you to experience the thrill of tandem paragliding over the Dolomiti di Brenta (Brenta mountain range).

Flying over the Dolomites

"Run, Run, Run…" and your feet lift off the ground. Then in a few seconds, you will be gliding in the sky, without the aid of an engine. The wind will decide in which direction you will fly.  Just let yourself be guided by it and soar over the Dolomites.

Your flight will last 15 minutes, then you will slowly and gently descend towards Lake Molveno.

Lake Molveno weather in winter | © Lago di Molveno Inverno ph Frizzera

Winter experiences in Paganella

Published on 06/06/2023