Surviving in nature

How to light a fire with a fire striker and natural materials, build emergency shelter, or read the signs of the forest: learn to survive in nature at its wildest, like the famous adventurer and television presenter Bear Grylls.

Put yourself to the test with this “into the wild” experience, which will enable you to learn the tricks and secrets to survive without the comfort and convenience found in the city.

This discipline is known as Bushcraft, an experience in nature at its wildest, where you can learn the skills you need to fend for yourself.


Bushcraft is a combination of the words “bush”, like the wild bushlands of Australia, and “craft”, referring to the crafts and skills required to live in these wild places.

Dive into the purest and most unexplored nature Trentino has to offer, where mobile phones and other electronic devices are forbidden.

This experience is available year round, but is most challenging and intriguing in winter, when the cold and the snow will add an extra dimension of complexity to your adventure in the woods.

Your natural adventure will take place in the company of expert Alpine guides.


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Published on 06/06/2023