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Come on, let’s wait for sunset!

The 4 best places to see the most beautiful view offered by nature

It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream. (Bern Williams)

There is nothing more romantic than sitting on a lakeside, on top of a mountain or in a mountain hut in the woods, in the company of a loved one and waiting for the sun to set. It’s like sitting in a theatre just before the show is about to start: you sit back and enjoy the silence, as if words could ruin the beauty of what is about to begin. Then finally the protagonists enter the scene: the sun, the mountains, the lake… to perform the last act of the day, before night falls.

As in any show, however, the choice of seats is extremely important. That’s why we recommend four special places: 4 armchairs in the front row to personally experience the wonderful scene of the sun setting and, why not..., you can call for an encore. Maybe the next day at the same time.


The charm of Lake Garda from above

In the heart of Val di Gresta, surrounded by extensive meadows, is Maso Naranch, a romantic natural terrace overlooking Lake Garda. When you’re here, breathe in deeply, sit back, then stop and gaze at the vineyards. At sunset you will see the sun setting behind the mountains, projecting its last rays onto the lake’s waters. A truly magnificent view.


A terrace overlooking the Dolomites

Just a few kilometres from Madonna di Campiglio, Malga Ritorto is the natural terrace from where you can enjoy a beautiful vista of the Val Rendena and all the Brenta Dolomites. A fantastic setting that becomes enchanting at sunset, while the sun caresses the mountains.


The emotion of the “Enrosadira”

As the sun sets, in front of the Pale di San Martino, when the enrosadira sheds a pink light over them, the Baita Segantini reveals its most romantic features, becoming one of the most scenic places in Trentino. It is ideal for experiencing sunsets with the person you love. Seated, hugging each other, and watching the fiery red mountains.


Dive into a painting

A walk on the lakefront, holding hands, at sundown, to admire the sun setting on Lake Caldonazzo, only a 30-minute drive from Trento. The last rays seem to play with the waters of the lake, creating spectacular dappled lights and glints. It is almost like admiring a painter’s work of art. Painted at that precise moment, in front of you.

Published on 30/04/2021