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Close your eyes and make a wish. Long walks in the woods, a lit fireplace crackling with promises, a romantic dinner by the lake and then endless scented massages and lazy breakfasts in bed, embraced under the covers.

That’s all? Try to be daring. And still envision the clinking of glasses for toast at high altitude, under the stars, your own whirlpool tub, the taste of freshly milked milk, a run in the snow or over an expanse of rare flowers, in the company of those you love.

Romantic weekend offers

In Trentino, reality is even more magical than anything you can imagine

There is the natural wood of the forest, thermal baths to purify you inside and out, slow-moving dawns and sunsets that set peaks ablaze, traditional flavours that have become gourmet, the hospitality of those who know the limits of the mountain and the boundaries of intimacy. There is a season capable of keeping the heart awake and then reassuring it with attention.

No matter the destination, each valley has treasures to share. Make your choice, what you find will still be a surprise because in Trentino every place is a cornucopia of culture, nature and relaxation. With everyday noises and routines out of the way, every stimulus here is attuned to the possibilities of nature, to its rhythms and breath.

San Martino di Castrozza - Snow holiday

Let us guide your way

Now open your eyes, you can give yourself some time. Plan your trip, just a weekend is enough to recover your energy and relax your memories. Time to spend together, time to love and be loved.

Look through our proposals to find what you need, and let yourself be guided.

The proposals for a romantic weekend!

The proposals for a romantic weekend!

Published on 05/03/2024