Take it easy and head off the beaten track

Ten reasons to take a break in the villages of Trentino

If you want to spend a few days exploring, get away from the crowds and venture off the beaten track, a stay in a Trentino village could be the ideal choice for you. When you get here, you will see that there are also lots of other reasons why they make great destinations.

Indulge in the delights of a leisurely stroll among barrel vaults, wooden haylofts and window boxes full of geraniums. Relish the sense of freedom that comes from breathing in clean air in natural surroundings. Embrace the joys of the little things: chat with the locals, sit around a table eating polenta, and look at the wonders all around you with childlike curiosity.

There are countless reasons to visit the villages of Trentino. We have picked ten of them. Take a look with us!


#1 - The natural pace of life

Days go by slowly in the villages of Trentino, because taking it easy is the best way to savour the essence of life. For example, you could enjoy a walk without any particular destination in mind, seeking out new views and breathing in the clean country air. Alternatively, take the time to appreciate the bouquet of a glass of Teroldego before luxuriating in its flavour. Make the most of simple but significant experiences like these.

Rango - Veduta invernale | © Rango - Veduta invernale - photo APT Comano

#2 - The stone walls and the scent of wood in the houses

Spring water flows from stone fountains surrounded by old wooden haylofts, decorated balconies and barrel vaults. Although the innovations of the modern world have crept slowly into the villages of Trentino, their authentic local spirit has remained intact. Going for a walk through the narrow paved streets is like stepping back in time.

Ten reasons to visit the villages of Trentino

#3 - Every village has its own traits

The villages of Trentino have a lot in common, including all of the qualities listed above, but each one also has its own distinctive features.

For example, Mezzano is famous for the way in which its wood piles have evolved into works of art, while Canale di Tenno’s medieval structure can still be seen today. Meanwhile, Rango and San Lorenzo in Banale are havens of personal well-being at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, Bondone combines the marvels of a lake and the mountains, and the people of Vigo still speak the ancient language known as Ladin.

Ten reasons to visit the villages of Trentino

#4 - See some of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Ten different places in Trentino have been officially included on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy by the Borghi Più Belli d’Italia association.

The stunning spots in question are: Canale di Tenno, which is just up the road from Lake Garda; San Lorenzo in Banale and Rango, which are the gateways to the Brenta Dolomites; Vigo, in the heart of the Dolomites in the Val di Fassa; Bondone, which looks out over Lake Idro; Mezzano, at the foot of the Pale di San Martino, Luserna, a village perched in the mountains;  Pieve Tesino, the birthplace of Alcide De Gasperi; Borgo Valsugana, on the banks of the Brenta and Caldes and Ossana, in the heart of the Val di Sole

Ten reasons to visit the villages of Trentino

#5 - The natural surroundings

At the foot of the Dolomites, reflected in the lakes, nestled in green valleys… the villages of Trentino and the people that live in them are at one with the natural environment all around. It is something that you will notice as soon as you arrive and take a look around.

Straight away, you will feel a natural urge to stop and breathe in the air, which is filled with the scents of firewood, smoke from the chimneys in the winter and fresh breezes blowing in from the pastures in the spring.

Ten reasons to visit the villages of Trentino

#6 - The wide range of walking routes

Speaking of the natural world, the best way to explore it is by following one of the many paths that start in the villages and take you out into the open countryside, among the woods or up into the mountains. The routes are clearly marked and they are best enjoyed at a leisurely pace, with hiking boots on your feet, a rucksack on your back and the desire to discover new things.

Ten reasons to visit the villages of Trentino

#7 - The spellbinding sights in the spring and autumn

The best times of year to explore the villages of Trentino are the spring and autumn, when the brightest colours are on display in the natural world: the spring flowers blooming in the meadows like vibrant brushstrokes across the grass, and the vivid hues of the autumn foliage. They are also the best times to witness everyday life in the villages and experience the most authentic side of Trentino.

Ten reasons to visit the villages of Trentino

#8 - The pleasures of the palate

Every village in Trentino has its own trademark dish. The selection ranges from carne salada e fasoi (salt beef and beans) in the Garda area to the delicious polenta made with yellow cornmeal from Storo that you can sample in Bondone, not to mention tasty ciuìga (pork sausages) from San Lorenzo in Banale and the traditional cheeses of Mezzano, Vigo, Ossana and Pieve Tesino. There is no better way to round it all off than with a walnut cake from Rango. There are treats for all of the senses to discover on a trip through the villages of Trentino.

Ten reasons to visit the villages of Trentino

#9 - Festivals and special occasions

They are normally calm, peaceful places, but once a year the people of the villages dress up and have a party. In Rango it happens during the festive season, when people flock to the famous Christmas markets. In the summer, people dress up as medieval knights and ladies during Rustico Medioevo in Canale, international street performers show their skills in Bondone, and the sound of the Mezzano Romantica concerts fills the air in Mezzano. Finally, in San Lorenzo in Banale they celebrate in the autumn with the Sagra della Ciuìga (a pork sausage festival). Don’t miss out: put the dates in your diary now!

Rango - Veduta - photo APT Comano | © Rango - Veduta - photo APT Comano

#10 - Rediscover the joys of the little things

When you are visiting a village in Trentino, you can revel in the delights of taking it easy all day long, walking in the countryside, filling your lungs with the fresh mountain air, and eating simple but wholesome food. A break here is more than just a holiday: it is a chance to revert to a more authentic, natural lifestyle, because that is where the secret to real happiness lies.

Published on 06/11/2023