Trentino Open: Frequently asked questions

A Trentino experience for everyone

If you are planning a holiday in Trentino and are looking for information on accessible experiences and places, this is the right place. 

Here you will find some questions and answers on accessible opportunities to visit museums, villages and towns, participate in events, do sports and, in general, experience the soul of this territory. 

We also recommend downloading the Mio Trentino app. There you can select the places and points of interest accessible to disabled people

1. How can I get to Trentino?

If you are travelling by car, the main way to reach Trentino is via the Brenner-Modena A22 motorway, accessed from the A1 Milan-Naples motorway and the A4 Milan-Venice motorway. Local roads leading to the valleys branch off from this main artery. 

If you arrive by plane, the nearest airports are Verona, Bergamo, Venice or Milan. From there you can reach Trentino by car hire, train or shuttle bus. 

If you travel by train, the main stations are Trento and Rovereto.   

In order to organise a journey by plane, train or shuttle bus that meets your specific needs, we suggest you check with the carriers you choose to use. 


A man in a wheelchair gets off a Trentino Trasporti city bus using the ramp that allows wheelchairs to access the vehicle. In the background, the mountains illuminated by a warm, soft light.

2. Is public transport in Trentino accessible to disabled people?

Depending on your specific needs and your desire to move around independently, we advise you to consider whether or not to use public transport.  

Urban and extra-urban bus lines, train routes and cable cars are often organised to be accessible to people with various disabilities. For more precise information, please consult the dedicated section of the Trentino Trasporti website

3. How do I know which hotels, mountain huts and restaurants are accessible to disabled people?

To be sure that the place you have chosen has all the features to meet your needs, we advise you to check directly with the establishment. 

Alternatively, you can contact the Aziende per il Turismo (ApT) in your area: here you will find web addresses and contacts. .
Soon, moreover, you will be able to consult the list of structures with the Open Mark, Trentino's certification of accessibility and inclusiveness.  

Two people are biking along a forest path. The person in the background rides a classic bicycle, while the one in the foreground rides a handbike, operated by the upper body.

4. Can I do sports or nature experiences that are accessible?

In Trentino many sports and outdoor activities are accessible to people with different disabilities. To check whether the experience you are planning is suitable for your specific needs, we advise you to contact the Aziende per il Turismo (ApT) in the area where the activity you are interested in trying out takes place: here you will find web addresses and contacts.   

If you love moving in the midst of nature, know that Trentino has a dense network of cycle paths. Along the cycle paths you can encounter bicigrill, refreshment points for those travelling by bicycle. Some, such as the one in Linfano, offer dedicated services for disabled people: we always advise you to check opening hours and contact them in advance to ensure you find all the support you need. 

5. I have a mobility impairment: can I visit museums and places of art?

Almost all museums and places of art offer or have planned visit experiences accessible to all disabilities.  

To be sure that your points of interest are adapted to your needs, visit their websites or contact the ApT (Aziende per il Turismo).  

In particular, we advise you to inform yourself in advance if you plan to visit a castle during your holiday. Castles originated as inaccessible places and, even today, due to this historical nature, it is difficult to open them up to everyone. Nevertheless, local authorities and organisations are making efforts to organise visits that include more and more people. 

A group of people visit one of the locations of the Festival of Economics. Among them is a man in a wheelchair: the space has no architectural barriers and is also accessible to those with mobility disabilities. All the people are wearing earphones: they are probably enjoying audio content related to the Festival.

6. How do I know if an event I want to attend is accessible according to my needs?

On the websites of the Festival dello Sport, Festival dell'Economia, Trentodoc Festival and I suoni delle Dolomiti you can find information on the accessibility of locations and events.  

For all other events, please contact the organisations directly. 

There is also a medical assistance service for tourists, which you can contact during your holiday. 

7. What are the organisations in the area that support people with disabilities?

In Trentino there are many organisations involved in supporting people with disabilities and we invite you to contact them in order to better organise your travel experience. 

Here is a - non-exhaustive - list of organisations that can help you during your stay in Trentino: 

Scie di Passione



Dolomiti Brenta Open


Remoove Enabling Society

HandiCREA Cooperative


There is also a medical assistance service for tourists, which you can contact during your holiday. 

Published on 10/04/2024