Carnival in Trentino’s towns and cities

An explosion of color, light and sound

Carnival in Trentino
Carnival in Trentino
Carnival in Trentino

At Carnival, Trentino’s towns and cities burn with festive spirit

In Trentino, we take our fun seriously. Carnival committees invest huge amounts of time and energy into preparing the festivities, and as a result our carnival floats and processions are magnificent. It’s easy to join in the celebrations. Just walk into the centre of any town or city in Trentino on the final weekend before Shrove Tuesday – and you’ll be swept up by the party spirit.

Carnival Events

In Trento, for example, the arrival of Lent is preceded by ten days of fun, starting with a children’s fair, and culminating in a grand parade, street theatre, music and dance. In Rovereto, the city’s government is symbolically usurped by children, while in Garda Trentino, Arco hosts a theme park for children, “Arcoland, Land of Toys” as well as a Carnival procession featuring a stunning array of floats. Any child who comes in fancy dress can join one of the floats.

Carnival food

One thing is certain. You won’t go hungry. Carnival is a time for snacking – and you’ll be able to sample a delicious array of street food during the festivities. Savoury snacks include gnocchi, polenta and sausages. Meanwhile, those with a sweet tooth can get stuck into Grostoli Trentini – crunchy, deep-friend pasta, flavoured with lemon and vanilla – as well as Krapfen (Austrian doughnuts, filled with jam) and Castagnole. These are sweet Carnival fritters, dusted with icing sugar, and best eaten when they are still warm, straight out of a cone of brown paper.