Tubs of wellness

The pleasure of immersing oneself in the outdoors with nature in view

It can be a round and rustic wooden tub, whose style brings the past to mind, but has been pleasantly refurbished for modern-day relaxation. Other times, however, it can be a technological and sparkling bathtub, with all the latest-generation comforts. No matter their style, tubs of wellness offer peace and relaxation, engendering feelings of comfort and happy memories.

We are talking about the outdoor whirlpool that you can find in the gardens of B&Bs, hotels and farmhouses in Trentino! As soon as you spot one, you only want to run and dive into it.

Trentino Hotels with Outdoor Whirlpool

Take it easy

In any place, outdoor whirlpools are a particularly pleasant amenity. And with Dolomites in view, or if woods are a stone’s throw, your experience is one of out-and-out pleasure. To let you experience it in Trentino, we have put together a list of hospitality facilities featuring a tub with whirlpool in their garden or outdoor areas.

You can find them below. Enjoy your relaxation!

Trentino hospitality facilities with outdoor whirlpool | © Alberto Bernasconi

Trentino hospitality facilities with outdoor whirlpool

Published on 21/06/2023