Surrounded by lakes and mountains

The campsites of Trentino welcome you to ever-changing landscapes and many new places to explore

Wake up in the morning to the scent of dew, watch the sun’s rays as they reflect on the surface of the lake, and let your gaze wander among the mountain peaks... right from your tent! If you’re a seasoned camper, you know exactly what we mean.

In Trentino, camping is an experience not to be missed.

First of all because you can choose from some 70 campsites, in settings ranging from Dolomite peaks to the Mediterranean vegetation of the lakes.

Another reason is the facilities, ranging from simple affairs for those wanting channel their adventurous spirit, through to campsites equipped with every possible comfort and amenity, including restaurants, shops, tennis courts and playgrounds for families.

Trentino campsites


Campsites by the lake

Awake to a lake right in front of you! The very thought of it surely fills you with a sense of wonder and a curious feeling of tranquillity.  

Lake Garda, Lake Caldonazzo, Lake Ledro, Lake Molveno, Lake Tenno, Lake Levico, Lake Serraia, Lake Piazze... these are just some of the almost 300 lakes you can find in Trentino, many of which are suitable for bathing and have their own camping areas.

Camping holidays in Trentino

Campsites in the mountains

Staying at a campsite in the mountains means a different landscape, but the warm welcome remains the same. You can sleep in a tent, campervan or bungalow and, after a nice breakfast, set off on long, tranquil walks in the woods, to fill your lungs with clean, crisp air.


Campsites in Trentino are designed to provide maximum comfort by eliminating anything surplus to requirements, allowing you to live every day of your holiday to the fullest.

Val Rendena - Dare - Camping Val Rendena

Trentino campsites

Published on 09/01/2024