This summer don’t miss Trentino Barbecue!

Many meaty events with 8 selected butcheries for Trentino’s grillout season

Do you already know the secrets for a summer barbecue? First of all you need to choose the fattest beef cuts - which better withstand the high temperature, remaining tender and flavorful. Not only beef, but ribs and luganega (traditional sausage of Trentino) are also the showpieces of our mountain BBQ events. Don’t forget to brush the meat with EVO oil-dipped rosemary sticks, salt and your favorite spices.

But do you know what are the two ingredients that make your barbecue truly special? Let us tell you: high-quality meat cuts and expert cooks. This is why summer in Trentino is the ideal place for grilled meat lovers!

If you love barbecues in the summer, don’t miss Trentino Barbecue!

Restaurants and butcheries from Trentino cooperate to create the many events dedicated to barbecue lovers

From June to October, 13 restaurants and 10 selected butcheries, will be awaiting you for Trentino Barbecue: many summer dates with the grill artists and the best meat cuts in Trentino!

The butcher will recommend you the best cut to suit your tastes, while the expert hand of the Chef grills it to perfection.
Then just sit down, relax and enjoy the BBQ aroma that mixes with our mountain’s fresh air, while the staff professionally takes care of everything else.

If you love barbecues in the summer, don’t miss Trentino Barbecue!

The selected locations will amaze your eyes, going from the romantic shores of the Garda Lake, to the spectacular sceneries facing towards the Pale di San Martino, right in the heart of the Dolomites. Let Chef Bruno Sicher of Alla Pineta restaurant take care of your gluttony or take a sit at the beautiful terrace of La Contea restaurant. If you’re looking for a family-friendly experience, Maso Mittereck is where children can relieve their energy in the green area surrounded by the pine forest.

And those are just some of the breathtaking locations joining Trentino Barbecue…

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Calendar 2024

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Published on 24/04/2024