Our hotels with playgrounds

The ideal solution for children who can’t keep still

You spent a whole day in the woods and walking along trails with your children and once back at your hotel you just want to lock yourself in the wellness area or dive headlong into bed, before a delicious and longed-for dinner. However, your diehard little ones still want to play. Where? With whom? Why? Help!!! Is there a gigantic safe playground somewhere? Perhaps. One with rules. Right in the hotel!

Let’s focus on this for a moment. There are at least two issues.

Hotels with playgrounds

Number one. Enough is never enough.

You have chosen Trentino for your family holiday. Because you need spaces, nature, movement and exploration. In short, an active holiday where experiences are really designed to meet everyone’s needs and desires.

You have found woods, lakes, walking trails, rocks and heights where you can practice any sport or have fun together with your young or teenage children, but where you could also diversify your outings. Many adventures here in Trentino are designed especially for the little ones, so that mum and dad, every now and then, can get a little time for themselves.

However it may often seem that, right on cue, the energies of the little ones multiply just when you most need time for yourself. They want to continue climbing even in the hotel, running, sliding and doing everything else that is not sleeping or collapsing in a comfortable armchair. Because, on vacation they never get tired.

So be it! In Trentino there are hotels that have brought the forest, water or snow parks right home, equipping themselves with dedicated spaces that are likely to become the envy of adventure parks.

Hotels with playgrounds

Number two. Let’s change playmates.

The hotels we have selected have adequate spaces to entertain you as much as your children, so as to transform your stay, as well as theirs, into an endless holiday. And when you need a break, perhaps to enjoy an dreamlike sunset, your children, together with other children, will be able to continue running, exploring and learning new games together with other friends who will be excited to meet them. You can join them whenever you feel like it, or you can also choose to leave them in the company of those who can’t wait to become their new playmates.


Choose the perfect holiday for everyone!

Choose the perfect holiday for everyone!

Published on 06/06/2023