8 Activities for kids on the Italian Alps

Tibetan bridges, climbing in the forest: enjoy an outdoor holiday

In spring, the mountains in Trentino bask in a new reenergizing light as nature awakens. Lengthening days and warmer weather invite us to spend time outside, catching a breath of fresh air under clear blue skies. This is an ideal time of the year to venture outdoor especially with children. Here are 8 suggestions to keep your kids active: from mountain bike trails to daring suspension bridges, from back-in-time sleepovers in stilt houses to spooky underground caves. Learn more here!

Alpe_Cimbra_I_Giganti_del_Bosco | © Alpe_Cimbra_I_Giganti_del_Bosco

Themed walks

The Sentiero dei Giganti, the Giants Trail. is an inspiring walk for tree-huggers through centuries-old fir trees on Alpe Cimbra. Another walk that will captivate your little explorers is Sentiero dell’acqua, the Water Trail. Burning off some energy will build your appetite, so why not stopping at Alla Segheria for some genuine traditional dishes.  

APT Garda Trentino pista ciclabile | © APT Garda Trentino pista ciclabile

Lago Bagattoli Trail

Children love going on their bike, right? That’s why we added to the list this easy trail.  A cycling family adventure through the “Marocche” natural reserve and the pinetum along the river Sarca. If you wish to rest your legs afterwards, stop at Bike & Wine Bicigrill that offers bike repair facilities and infos about the local routes.

Balancing on the suspension bridge

Balancing on the suspension bridge

For those not afraid of heights, the walk to the Ragaiolo waterfall with its spectacular suspension bridge in Val di Sole is a pleasant outdoor experience. Peek through the cables to catch glimpses of the stream and the waterfall below: feel the adrenaline rush 100 metres above the ground! Continue to reach Malga Fratte where you can replenish and rest.

Andalo Bait del Germano_ Ph Voglino Franco | © Andalo Bait del Germano_ Ph Voglino Franco

Nature walks and relaxation

Perhaps your children are not so keen on walking as you are, but we are sure they will love strolling through the stunning nature of Altopiano della Paganella.
A tour worth mentioning is Tour Priori, a walking trail on flat terrain ideal for the whole family. Keep an eye out for Tana dell’Ermellino for a taste of local produce.

Stilt houses and war trenches

Stilt houses and war trenches

Here, in Val di Ledro,
the little ones will get up close with history retracing the trenches, dug out by the Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers during the Great War. Also, you can discover the life of our ancestors - as it was more than 3500 years ago -
at Museo delle Palafitte.

From tree to tree at Sores Park

From tree to tree at Sores Park

Created for all the youngsters with bundles of energy, the Sores park in Val di Non is an adventure playground where you can “go-ape” and test your acrobatic skills from tree to tree. And what about lunch? We recommend the cuisine at Rifugio Sores, or if you prefer the outdoor, have a picnic in the surrounding fields.   

Rafting on the Avisio

Rafting on the Avisio

All you need to bring is your swimming costume and your spirit of adventure. Everything else, wetsuit, footwear, life jacket and helmet, will be provided by the rafting centre in Val di Fiemme. When you are ready, hop aboard, grab your paddle and start an amazing journey, braving the rapids of river Avisio. 

Bouldering_Valle_del_Chiese | © Bouldering_Valle_del_Chiese

Boulder Park

In Val Daone there’s an outdoor natural bouldering park ideal for those passionate about rock climbing. 
Here, also the little ones can climb the granite outcrops in complete safety, feeling the refreshing spring breeze from the woods.

Other experiences for the family 

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