From secret canyons to the dragon’s den

It’s time to show your kids how amazing the natural world can be.

Natural wonders in Trentino to see with your children
Natural wonders in Trentino to see with your children

Deep canyons, weird moonscapes, multi-coloured sunsets: Trentino’s mountains are brimming with spectacular natural sights and phenomena – and tracking them down is all part of the adventure. Here, we’ve picked eight of the best scenic experiences.

Plunging waterfalls

In summer our waterfalls are at their most thunderous, as the rivers swell with mountain melt water. Two of the most majestic are the Nardis in the Val Genova and the Vallesinella near Madonna di Campiglio. Both are reached by beautiful valley walks.  

Sculpted canyons

The relentless flow of water can do amazing things to rocks. Follow a guide along some of our river valleys, and you’ll discover spectacular worlds of caves and canyons. The Rio Sass is home to the most dramatic gorges, but there are many more scattered through our region. 

The earth men of Segonzano

They look like giants with hats, and challenge the laws of logic and nature. These are the earth pyramids of Segonzano; pillars of glacial rubble, topped with rocks, which tower 20 metres into the air. They look precarious, but have stood for 50,000 years. 

Footsteps of the dinosaurs

200 million years ago, dinosaurs up to 6m long stalked their prey along a muddy seashore. Now, the mud is an exposed sheet of rock at Lavini di Marco, and you can follow their fossilized footprints, giving thanks all the while that nothing that size is hunting you! 

The moonscapes of Marocche di Dro

At Marocche di Dro, you can explore an other-worldly landscape of limestone rubble, scoured from the surrounding mountains by ancient glaciers. Keep an eye out for its natural bonsais –trees with tiny trunks and branches that have adapted to the dry conditions. 

A forest of violins 

Why do some musical instruments sound better than others? In large part it’s down to the wood - and the very best use sounding boards from the Violins’ Forest in the Val di Fiemme. Take a walk among its towering trees to learn more about this famously resonant timber.  

The red lake

The Lago di Tovel is one of Trentino’s most beautiful lakes. Until the 1960s it was also the weirdest; because each summer, it used to turn red. Why? Follow the interpretation boards along its shoreline and you’ll quickly sort the legends from the scientific truth.  

The blushing mountains

Pray for a good sunset – because then you’ll be treated to a magical light show as the cliffs of the Dolomites change from pale yellow to bright red in the evening sunlight. It’s called the Enrosadira, and it’s all down to the action of sunlight on minerals in the rock.  
Published on 06/06/2023