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Moira’s donkeys

Make friends with these good-natured animals and spend a lovely day with your family, completely immersed in nature

Simply caressing a donkey’s soft fur, a complicit glance, a small hand full of food. These small rituals help us tune in with donkeys that are empathetic, meek and docile animals, but they are also able to give and show affection, so they are used for several kinds of pet-therapies.

Moira’s donkeys

It starts from a dream ...

Moira Donati’s dream has always been to live and work with donkeys and she conveys this passion to both adults and children on her farm called Agrilife, in Val Lomasone, in Trentino.

In 2018, Moira managed to achieve another important objective, that is producing the famous donkey milk for food purposes. In fact, this milk is the best substitute to breast milk due to its organoleptic properties.

“Being close to donkeys,” says Moira, “makes you feel good.” That’s why her farm organises so many activities with these fantastic animals.

Moira’s donkeys

But what is the donkey license?

Here children can get their donkey-caring licence after learning how to cuddle, lead and ride a donkey. They can feel free, run barefoot and try the sensory pathway: feel nature under their feet, cross the small area strewn with tree bark, as well as the other areas filled with water, sand and also soft grass.

But that’s not all. Here, with your family, you can pick fruit, learn to recognise different herbs, have a snack in the open air and taste the famous organic, extremely healthy and nutritious donkey milk.

Come a try this wonderful experience

Come a try this wonderful experience

Published on 08/02/2021