In the water, amongst the trees… with dragons: what sports are these?

5 fun and original outdoor activities for children

“Come on, let’s try it!”. This is the cry that will accompany you on your summer holidays in Trentino, followed of course by countless “wows” and high-fives! There’s nothing like some sport, even if practiced at an amateur level, to help promote teamwork and meet new friends.

With this in mind, we’ve selected 5 fun and exciting experiences for your next family holiday. Activities best faced with a dash of competitiveness and zero worries, amongst the rocky peaks and crystal lakes of Trentino.

Paragliding for children

Paragliding for children

This is not simply an exciting experience but a dream come true: I can fly! Just think what it would feel like to glide silently in the air over the blue waters of Lake Molveno surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, like the walls of a giant’s castle. Suitable for children aged 8 and up who want to feel like an eagle for a day.


Breg Adventure Park

In the Giudicarie valley, in the val di Breguzzo, there’s another way to get off the ground! Climb up a tree and take on a challenging course made up of rope bridges, high walks, and hanging trunks. To finish just whizz down through the air on the cableway. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, try your hand at orienteering in the surrounding woods!

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

Different context, different dragons: dragon boat racing, a Chinese discipline that has become a tradition on many lakes across Trentino but especially at Lago delle Piazze, just a half-hour drive from Trento. Here you’ll have to synchronise your pulse with the beat of the drum that keeps the rhythm from the prow. What better way to reach your goal than to row together in the same direction? Dragons… ready, steady, row!


Difr Academy

Here your heartbeat will increase not from the physical effort but from the exciting missions you’ll have to accomplish as you criss-cross the trails and meadows of the Val di Fiemme, which have been magically transformed into a mysterious land of dragons. Accomplish adventurous missions, solve magical enigmas and find legendary eggs.


Family Dolomiti Wellness

Physical activity can also mean slowing down your heartbeat, especially when you’re outdoors and in a relaxing environment, such as the heart of the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. This is the perfect trail for gentle stroll, at times going barefoot, and the chance to rekindle your energy through tree hugging and a closer contact with nature.

Published on 19/10/2021