Lessons from the mountains

5 activities to discover the animals and plants that are found in Trentino.

SUMMER 2020 - What’s that they used to say? “Learning by doing”. Well, that sums up an important aspect of a mountain holiday here in Trentino, in the heart of the Alps. Experiences that leave fond memories but, furthermore, teach you how to actually do things.

Caress a donkey, touch a plant and smell its scent, immerse yourself in the woods to learn the names of trees. This is the best way to learn how to love nature from when you are very young. Lots of small adventures which help you grow up and that you will always treasure.

We have chosen some of them, which you can experience this summer amongst the lakes and the mountains of Trentino.


Learn how to take care of a donkey

Get to know donkeys, how to take care of them and caress them. Small gestures that make you feel good right away. Apparently, these friendly animals instil a sense of serenity to people near them. By spending time with them, you will learn how to live according to the natural rhythms of nature. Try it! You can do this at the Tatiana Ranch, in Nosellari (Lavarone).


A trail to discover nature

An educational and sensory trail that will allow you to explore the various environments of the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta (Nature Park). It is called Sarnacli Mountain Park and is located in Andalo. There are 13 different, free of charge stages that allow you and your children to discover the nature that surrounds us. The trail is not suitable for strollers because it passes through the woods, where there are several art installations for kids.


Make friends with llamas and alpacas

In the peace and quiet of Deggia, near the village of San Lorenzo in Banale, discover the Athabaska educational farm and make friends with hens, pigs, donkeys and Scottish cows. Then, lace up your boots and set off for an exciting hike in the surroundings, in the company of our friendly llamas and alpacas. Are you ready?

Lago delle Piazze - APT Piné Cembra - photo I. Albertini | © APT Piné Cembra - photo I. Albertini

Biowatching with a researcher

There is no better way to discover nature than to be accompanied by someone who knows a lot about it. That’s why you cannot refuse to go on this walk in the company of a researcher, who will satisfy your curiosity about the animals, plants and small natural treasures of the Lago delle Piazze, in Baselga di Pinè.


On the Latemarium trails

Approaching nature with enthusiasm and in a thrilling way, exploring the Alpine environment around the Latemar mountain range, by walking along the many thematic trails of the Latemarium, in Val di Fiemme. P.S.: Don’t miss the “Eye to the Dolomites” installation, dedicated to the UNESCO theme, which portrays a gigantic eyeball that you can climb into.

Published on 06/06/2023