Lessons from the mountains

Build a shelter in the woods, bake some bread, take care of donkeys: ready to learn?

What’s that they used to say? “Learning by doing”. Well, that sums up an important aspect of a mountain holiday here in Trentino, in the heart of the Alps. Experiences that leave fond memories but, furthermore, teach you how to actually do things.

Learn how to survive in the woods just like prehistoric men for example, or rediscover traditional crafts and activities like baking and bee keeping. Then of course there are the animals, faithful companions to generations of farmers. How about getting to know them up close? If you prefer cooking, you can discover the secrets of baking bread and biscuits, with the ingredients provided by the mountains themselves. Ready to have fun?


How to take care of a donkey

How about taking care of a friendly donkey? Just come to Comano! With the donkeys at the Moira farm, you can try your hand at grooming, feeding, leading them through an obstacle course and of course hopping on for a ride. All done? Well then, you’re ready for your donkey driving licence!


Become an apprentice mountain chef

Already know how to bake bread? And how about biscuits? At the Malga Campei mountain hut, on Monte Baldo, from June onwards you’ll find cooking and baking workshops for children along with trips to the surrounding meadows to collect mountain herbs and later use them in the kitchen, and maybe surprise mum and dad!


How to survive in the woods

Have any ideas on how to build an emergency shelter in the woods? Or safely light a fire and make water drinkable? In the Val di Fiemme you can learn all about survival techniques, with group outdoor activities, and be ready for anything. Will you make it?


An un-Bee-lievable day!

Come to the Altopiano di Piné and delve into the secret life of bees. Find out all there is to know, thanks also to the use of an educational hive, and taste a range of different honeys. Something for all, both big and small, every Tuesday from late June to the beginning of September.


A walk through the apple orchards

Have you ever tasted an apple from the Val di Non? Well, learn all about this delicious fruit… by taking a stroll through the apple orchards and meeting the growers and listening to their stories. Learn, play, walk and simply relax: these are the key ingredients of “AlMeleto”, a nature trail suitable for all.

Published on 16/10/2019