Villages overlooking the lake

The beauty of the lake, the quiet of life in the village

The silence of a walk along the lake shores, at a slow pace, stopping to savour the nuances of the mountains that are reflected in the lake’s gentle waters. Then you reach the town, you stop to drink a sip of fresh water from a stone fountain and walk along narrow streets, surrounded by barrel vaults and wooden balconies, on your way to dinner. You can already smell the scent of ready meals in the air. It smells of tradition, it smells of days lived calmly, in step with the seasons. It is a precious scent, which you can’t wait to taste.

We have chosen for you 5 villages in Trentino that are located near 5 lakes, for a romantic getaway for couples, or for a relaxing break, to disconnect from your everyday and rediscover your natural rhythm.


Canale di Tenno, Lake Tenno

A lake with turquoise waters, with a curious little island that strikes you at first glance, and a walk that takes you to one of Italy’s most beautiful villages: Canale di Tenno, an ancient medieval village that has survived almost intact to the present day. Stone streets, barrel vaults, wooden balconies and tasty carne salada (salted meat), a local specialty, await you.


Levico Terme, Lake Levico

A walk along the shores of the lake and a regenerating massage in the hot spring centre, famous since the nineteenth century, when Levico Terme, now an Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club, was a holiday destination for the Habsburg aristocracy. A past told by the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings of the historic centre and by the Habsburg Park of the Baths which in winter hosts the traditional Christmas Market, one of the most beautiful in Trentino.


Bondone, Lake Idro

If you want to enjoy a special view of Lake Idro, you must look out from the walls of Castel San Giovanni, a fortress overlooking Bondone, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. Then go down to take a tour of the village, famous as the “village of coal burners”, in honour of a tradition handed down from generation to generation. Don’t forget to try the famous Storo polenta, one of the most famous products of the Chiese Valley 


Riva del Garda, Lake Garda

A jewel on the shores of Lake Garda, ideal for a romantic getaway. Visit Rocca di Riva, home to a beautiful museum, and stop in Piazza III Novembre, populated with bars and restaurants, at the foot of the historic Torre Apponale. If you want to enjoy an exceptional view of the lake, take the panoramic lift and reach the Bastion for a romantic dinner with a view.


Molveno, Lake Molveno

Orange Flag village of the Italian Touring Club standing on the shores of one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes, whose waters reflect the Dolomites. Molveno, in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, is the ideal starting point for those who love nature, walking, cycling and doing many outdoor activities, in all seasons.

Published on 20/11/2023