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City trails exploring Rovereto

Did you know that in the center of Rovereto, there's a store “guarded” by two Caryatids drawn by the master of Italian Futurism, Fortunato Depero? And that, again in Rovereto, you can discover the city's "salon”, strolling under the romantic summer moonlight?

To enjoy these adventures, all you have to do is put on a pair of comfortable shoes and join in the guided urban trekking tours, organized in Rovereto. The best way to combine a little healthy physical activity with the pleasure of exploring and a passion for art.

There are six routes to choose from, but we suggest you try them all to discover this city full of surprises.

Vallagarina - Rovereto - Centro storico - Piazza Rosmini

Four day-time urban trekking tours

In total, there are six urban trekking tours in Rovereto, each one lasting about two hours: four of them take place during the day (meeting at 10.00 am) and two in the evening, at 9.00 pm. Each walk presents a different theme.

The day-time tours include “Il chilometro delle meraviglie”, a walk in search of the history of Rovereto, from its origins to the present-day; then there is the trekking tour “Rovereto e il suo castello”, a journey into medieval history, from the walls of Castelbarco to the Fortress dating back to the Venetian period, overlooking the city; but if you want to discover an unknown side of the city, you mustn't miss the trekking tour “A Rovereto, seguendo un filo di seta”, which traces the city's economical evolution in the 18th century, exploring irrigation ditches and spinning wheels. While if you prefer to trace the history of Rovereto by admiring its historic buildings, the “Da palazzo a palazzo” tour is the one for you.

Vallagarina - Rovereto - Centro storico - Piazza delle Oche

Evening urban trekking tours

But the novelty for summer 2023 is two night-time trekking tours. The first trekking tour, “Il Leno e il suo borgo”, is a romantic trail that sets out from the district of Santa Maria, the oldest in Rovereto, and traces the history of the city bordering the Leno, the river that crosses the city. While the second urban trekking tour, “Il teatro e il suo corso,” takes you to the city's “salon”, a point of reference for Rovereto's cultural initiatives.

Below you can find all the information about urban trekking in Rovereto and how to book!

Urban Trekking in Rovereto

Urban Trekking in Rovereto

Published on 15/06/2023