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Urban itineraries to discover Trento and Rovereto

Do you know that in the centre of Rovereto there is a shop “protected” by two Caryatids designed by Fortunato Depero, master of Italian Futurism? And that in Trent the places where the famous Council took place in the 16th century are more than you can imagine?

These are some of the intriguing sites you will discover by experiencing some urban trekking, an experience that allows you to combine a little healthy physical activity with the pleasure of discovery and love for art. These hikes are for everyone, to be enjoyed in the company of a guide or independently, thanks to the help of maps and apps.

What else do you need? A pair of sports shoes, comfortable clothes and this article, where you can find a brief overview of the main urban trails in Trento and Rovereto.

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Urban Trekking in Trento and Rovereto

Urban Trekking in Trento

The urban trekking itineraries in Trento do not only entail the discovery of the historic district, but also include excursions on the hills near the city. These are different routes in terms of length, difficulty and travel time.

Among the most classic are those routes that cover the most iconic places in Trento’s historic district: Piazza Duomo, the Buonconsiglio Castle, Piazza Cesare Battisti, and the Albere green district. These are easy routes that take less than an hour to complete, and have different themes: from the trekking that takes you to the locations that made the Council of Trent, to those that take you to “Trento underground”.

There are also more challenging routes on dirt paths, such as the one on the Marzola or the Sorasas, where you can find WWI trenches; for this reason, we recommend that you wear good trekking shoes. To reach the starting point of these trails, you must take public transport.

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Urban trekking in Trento

Urban trekking in Trento

Urban Trekking in Trento and Rovereto

Urban Trekking in Rovereto

Despite its small size, Rovereto, just under thirty minutes by train from Trento, offers very interesting urban trekking routes. The protagonist is art, and, specifically, the “Déperian itineraries”: a walk that starts from the Depero Futurist Art House, located in the historic district, and leads you to discover Rovereto and its surroundings, in the footsteps of the famous Trentino artist.

It is a walk that lasts about three hours, accessible to all, and which takes you to the discovery of famous places, such as the castle of Rovereto, and has some yummy surprises in store for food connoisseurs, such as the Bacca shop, where an interesting prize awaits you.

It’s just one of the many urban trekking itineraries you can choose from: you can find them all here!

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Urban trekking in Rovereto

Published on 15/04/2024