Hunting for stars - real ones!

The best places to look at the stars in the bright summer skies

Stargazing Holidays
Stargazing Holidays
Stargazing Holidays

Watching the stars on a clear and transparent summer night, in the dark, lying on a meadow and covered in a warm blanket, with your nose pointing upwards, towards the stars, is one of those experiences that will stay in your heart forever. In the mountains there are so many isolated places, where your can observe and immerse yourself in the starry sky: a clearing in the woods, an Alpine peak, or a pasture far from lights and glare.

There, surrounded by silence, you can watch the Big Dipper rise, easily recognise Orion's belt, Cassiopeia, the unmistakeable cross shape of the Cygnus constellation, and an infinite number of other stars. If you look carefully, you can also make out, in all its splendour, the Milky Way, which will lead you to the land of dreams.

And, if you're lucky, on a warm summer night, when a shooting star leaves its sparkling wake, you can even express your greatest wish!

In Ossana - one of the "most beautiful skies in Italy"

One of the "most beautiful skies in Italy" is in Ossana, in Val di Sole. This acknowledgement was given by Astronimitaly to the Malga del Doss Refuge, one of the best places to observe the Milky Way.  

Star Terrace on Monte Bondone

From the terrace of the Astronomical Observatory on Monte Bondone, thanks to powerful telescopes and the help of experts, you can discover the secrets of the heavens and the Sun during the day. 

Within arm's reach of the sky on Monte Zugna

There are three telescopes on Monte Zugna, inside the Astronomical Observatory, where you can watch the sun or get to know the skyscape in the summer skies.  

Stargazing at Castello Tesino

Not just the moon and planets, nebulae and galaxies, but also the Sun and the most spectacular heavenly bodies can be seen with the telescope at the Astronomical Observatory of Celado.  
Published on 06/06/2023