Shopping experiences in the city: beauty, design and history

A tour through iconic buildings and historic shops and where to find the next trend

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Shops and shopping in Trentino

First-time visitors in Trento and Rovereto are amazed by how kind time has been to these cities: clocks seem to have stopped preserving the colourful frescoes and the original character of the buildings lining the streets.
While these cities are packed with heritage and old charm, the attentive eye will discover a double-act behind the buildings’ facades and along the quiet back streets.
A change of perspective, from old to new, that reveals the city’s quest of bridging tradition and innovation through young entrepreneurial spirt and a certain taste for contemporary design.

9 Alfieri, Trento

At the core of a historic and prestigious restored building, equally precious items are displayed inside the 9 Alfieri atelier. Here, fashion and elegance are perfectly combined in a timeless duo, like a glass of sparkling Trentodoc complemented by a succulent river fish.  Info: 9 Alfieri, Via Vittorio Alfieri 9 a Trento - Tel. +39 0461 1919060

Details Design Store, Trento

Under the archways of Via Suffragio, near the old covered walkway, you’ll find a design hub. On display a mix of local creations and North European products, statement of innovation, taste and sustainability. Info: Details Design Store, Via Suffragio 74 a Trento - Tel. +39 0461 262599

Navarini Rame, Ravina di Trento

If you appreciate avant-garde cuisine, you know that copper means “conscious & sustainable cooking”. Treat yourself to a state of art product, tailor-made and personalised: in this laboratory of creativity and innovation you will find all sorts of pots and pans, plates and trays abundantly displayed on the shelves. Info: Navarini Rame, Via Val Gola, 22 a Ravina di Trento - Tel. +39 338 4910732

Cappelleria Bacca, Rovereto

In the historic centre of Rovereto, housed in one of the city’s most iconic buildings, Cappelleria Bacca is more than a store, it’s a keeper of the city’s historic past. The almost two-century old institution, proudly run for five generations by the Bacca Family, supplies the highest quality of hats and accessories combining top-end fashion items with knowledge and professionality. Cappelleria Bacca, Via Rialto 39 a Rovereto - Tel +39 0464 439082

Merceria Salvetti, Rovereto

Trading since 1927, the haberdashery store founded by Bernardino Salvetti is a staple name in Rovereto for high quality umbrellas, sartorial and sewing needs. The iconic shop is well worth a visit for a back-in-time shopping experience thanks to the owner’s effort in maintaining the original interiors and an old-fashioned ambience. Merceria Salvetti, Piazza Battisti 32 a Rovereto - Tel +39 334 5783705

Published on 06/06/2023