Shopping in the Italian Alps: beauty, design and tradition

A journey to discover the local artisan gems in Trentino

For those visiting for the first time, Trento may seem a place where the passing of time has been kind, as if the clocks stopped to preserve the colourful frescoes on the palaces and the good way of life. But if you take a closer look, peeking through the archways, walking slowly along the cobbled lanes or around the regenerated area of Albere, you will reveal the double-act of this extraordinary region:  artisan workshops next to ateliers, where heritage meets design and young entrepreneurship is testament to contemporary taste. A marriage of tradition and innovation. Here is our guide to shopping in Trentino, a captivating mix of modern flair and local artisan products.

Verolabshop, Trento

If you have “atelier” in mind, this is a perfect example: VerolabShop is designed in every detail, from the items on display to the furnishing.  Broaches and handmade ceramic vases are tastefully on display next to high-end clothes: so you’ll end up buying yourself a lovely necklace, an extravagant pair of socks and why not, a dog shaped broach. All in one place!    Info: Verolabshop, Vicolo Santa Maria Maddalena 1/2 a Trento Tel: 0461 262368

5 Tasche, Trento

Just across the road you will find 5 Tasche boutique: that’s right, 5 pockets, like the ones on your trousers. A minimalist space where the clothes take centre stage, mainly for male clientele.  And accessories, of course: everyday backpacks and a whole wall dedicated to socks! Info: 5 Tasche, Via Santa Maria Maddalena 14 a Trento Tel. 0461 95809

Hirsch, Trento

A tattoo is a real symbol of beauty, an embodied work of art. Hirsh is a sophisticated parlour where ink turns your skin into watercolours. It’s worth paying a visit to peek through the shop windows, or just to soak up the bright atmosphere of the futuristic neighbourhood: Le Albere.   Info: Hirsch Tattoo, Viale della Costituzione, 14 a Trento Tel. 366 367 1993

9 Alfieri, Trento

At the core of a historic and prestigious restored building, equally precious items are displayed inside the 9 Alfieri atelier. Here, fashion and elegance are perfectly combined in a timeless duo, like a glass of sparkling Trentodoc complemented by a succulent river fish.  Info: 9 Alfieri, Via Vittorio Alfieri 9 a Trento Tel. 04611919060

Details Design Store, Trento

Under the archways of Via Suffragio, near the old covered walkway, you’ll find a design hub. On display a mix of local creations and North European products, statement of innovation, taste and sustainability. Info: Details Design Store, Via Suffragio 74 a Trento Tel. 0461 262599

Navarini Rame, Ravina di Trento

If you appreciate avant-garde cuisine, you know that copper means “conscious & sustainable cooking”. Treat yourself to a state of art product, tailor-made and personalised: in this laboratory of creativity and innovation you will find all sorts of pots and pans, plates and trays abundantly displayed on the shelves. Info: Navarini Rame, Via Val Gola, 22 a Ravina di Trento Tel. 338 491 0732

Giovelab, Valsugana

Nature and everyday life are sources of inspiration for Giorgia’s creations. Made in clay, wood and ceramics they remind you of a fairy tale. Each art work is hand-crafted with care; a true labour of love and passion. Info: Giovelab, Loc. Masi di Mezzo 72 a Pergine Valsugana Tel. 347 777 8611

Artelèr, Mezzano

This textile workshop is located in one of “The most Beautiful Town in Italy”. It follows a traditional method, used for centuries, to create high-end garments, home wares, accessories such as scarfs & handbags and also bridal ware. Info: Artelèr, Via Semedela 12/A a Mezzano

Marc Ceramiche, Rovereto

Are you looking for something unique, a design piece to complement your home? At Marc Ceramiche you will find your object of desire. You will be involved in the whole process: from the concept design to the end product. Info: Marc Ceramiche, Via Riccardo Zandonai, 5 a Mori Tel. 333 180 1616

Barbelart, Fierozzo, Valle dei Mocheni

Inspired by his passion for wood and traditional craftsmanship, Andrea Oberosler laid the foundations of his workshop in Val dei Mocheni. Through love and care for his work, Andrea specialized in custom made wooden furniture, including cribs, and decorative items such as frames, owls and much more. Info: Barbelart, Fraz. San Felice – Maso Stolleri, 3 a Fierozzo Tel. +39 338 5070988