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5 museums you can visit for free with our Card

AUTUMN 2019 - Have you heard about the Trentino Guest Card? It allows you to truly make the most of your holiday in Trentino, seeing more and spending less. For more details we suggest you click on the link at the bottom of this article.

Having said this, here we would like to highlight how the Trentino Guest Card offers free entry to numerous museums: ranging from the arts and sciences to archaeology and local traditions. The reason is simple, it’s our way of introducing ourselves and telling you our story.

Here we’ve chosen 5, all different, that you can visit for free with our Card.


The Pile-Dwelling Museum, Ledro

This museum takes you to an ancient pile-dwelling or stilt-house settlement dating back to the Bronze Age. Recently renovated, the museum lies on the shores of Ledro lake, an archaeological and UNESCO World Heritage site. Don’t miss out on the faithful recreations of ancient huts and the numerous activities offered.


The Rhaetian Museum, Val di Non

The Raeti people inhabited Trentino and the Tyrol before the arrival of the Romans. To find out more about them we have to go to the town of Sanzeno in the Val di Non and visit this museum (open only on weekends and holidays). For an unforgettable day you can combine a visit to the museum with a walk to the Sanctuary of San Romedio.


Arte Sella, Valsugana

It can’t be defined as a regular museum, it’s something unique: a fantastic outdoor exhibition of contemporary art, where the artworks blend themselves with nature in a dance of interdependence. The Artenatura trail, near the Malga Costa farmhouse, is a fine example of this splendid creative process that has been going on since 1986. Art lovers take note!


The Museum of the city of Rovereto

It’s an interactive multi-sensorial museum, where the past meets the future. Located in the historical Palazzo Sichardt-Jacob building where the new museum “Museo della città” of Rovereto has found its rightful place. Visitors are guided by captivating thematic tours to discover all about the city’s past and the people who helped write its history.


The SASS, Trento

It’s unbelievable how much you can discover about a city, by taking a look underground. A trip through time, one layer at a time. If you really want to know about Trento, you have to visit the SASS (Subterranean Archaeological Space). It will seem strange to take a stroll under the city centre, along the same roads once trod by the ancient Romans.

Trentino Guest Card

The Trentino Guest Card offers free access to castles, natural parks and the main museums, not to mention free travel on public transport. It also includes special discounts with established partners and a number of exclusive services such as guided tours, priority access and tasting events.

Published on 06/06/2023