Are you ready to enter the Sanctuary?

Discover all the locations from the captivating TV series

"What kind of person are you willing to become in order to survive?". It’s the question you will ask yourself after watching the Swedish original TV series ‘Sanctuary’, filmed in various locations in Trentino, from the Valsugana to the Val di Fassa, starring an excellent cast, including Matthew Modine, known from Kubrik's Full Metal Jacket and the most recent Stranger Things series, who in Sanctuary plays the role of Dr. Fischer.

A psychological thriller that delves into the themes of survival, identity, trust and betrayal, in a plot full of twists. The series follows the story of the protagonist, Helena Brant, as she comes to enter the Sanctuary, a secluded resort in the Italian Alps, to visit her estranged twin sister Siri. Soon after her arrival, Helena realises that the Sanctuary is in reality an advanced research facility and that her sister, now missing, is not the person she thought she was ...

Welcome to the Sanctuary: are you ready to uncover its mysteries?

Trentino’s locations from the TV series ‘Sanctuary’
Trentino’s locations from the TV series ‘Sanctuary’
Val di Fassa - Val San Nicol
Trentino’s locations from the TV series ‘Sanctuary’

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Published on 06/06/2023