A documentary that tells a new story of Trentino and captures its most authentic identity

'(re)balance' was created from the desire to shoot an innovative documentary to promote Trentino through the narration of a shared message that encourages the respect for life, nature and all that the Earth offers us.

Originating from different countries and backgrounds, four Digital Content Creators, who by the nature of their work are always connected, join together on a journey through Trentino, limiting the time spent on their smartphones as much as possible.

The goal? To strengthen their connection with the planet, the natural elements, and the people who are part of it. Observing nature and the starry sky, learning about local stories and lifestyles, the team embark on a journey of discovery and personal challenge to reach a common goal, symbolically represented by a summit, to gain a birds-eye view of the complexity and diversity of human existence.

A complete reconnection with the environment, real life, and real people.


Green Film

The team of Creators are united by a strong passion for adventure and discovery, but also a love for our Planet, and '(re)balance' is also an environmentally friendly Documentary.

From the project’s outset, the team was determined to produce content that met all the requirements set by Green Film in order to obtain the environmental sustainability certification. This is a long and complex process, involving manufacturers, Certification Bodies and Verification Bodies.

In the very early stages of production, a sustainability plan was drawn up and, in parallel, a Green Film Manager, responsible for monitoring and implementing the protocol, and a Mobility Manager, who drew up a Transport Organisation Plan, were appointed.

Consequently, defining the environmental sustainability criteria to be adopted during filming was paramount. In the case of '(re)balance', we chose to explore the following topics:

  • Energy saving
  • Transport and housing: reducing polluting emissions
  • Food: healthy, quality food that respects the environment
  • Choice of materials that respect the environment and avoid waste
  • Waste management: favouring recovery and recycling
  • Communication: promoting sustainability

During filming, the production team was strongly committed to the adopted criteria, while the appointed Verification Body ensured that the planned operations were carried out correctly.



At the end of the project, the conducted verifications yielded positive results and '(re)balance' has officially obtained the “GREEN FILM Environmental Sustainability Certification”!

Certification is of paramount importance because, on the one hand, it promotes a green approach in a sector with a strong communicative power, while on the other hand, it paves the way to join a network that works together to implement good practices and organise training activities in a coordinated manner.

To find out more, read the Guidelines for Sustainable Audiovisual Production!

Published on 22/04/2024