Festivals in the villages

Discover the top festivals and events in Trentino's villages

SUMMER 2024 - The beat of the drums, the blare of the marching bands. They're coming! And your heart beats a little faster in excitement. When they pass, cheered by the crowd on both sides, you stay to admire the elegance of the ladies in their purple brocade dresses, the shimmer of the armour, the flags fluttering in the wind. 

The same breeze that carries the smell of the barbecues to your nostrils. The next stop? The innkeeper's tent, with its wooden benches, where you eat squashed together, surrounded by chatter and laughter.  

If you haven't participated in a festival in one of Trentino's villages, this is the right season to start. 

Medieval Festival, Pergine

Jesters, musicians, flag-throwers, but also archers, foot soldiers and knights who challenge each other to sword fights! From the 26th to the 28th July 2024, 3 Castagni Park in Pergine, Valsugana, recreates the atmosphere of the 14th century, when the village was preparing for the siege of the castle, fought over by the Tyroleans and the Lords of Padova. 

Medieval Week, Ossana

From the 6th to the 11th August 2024, the people of Ossana, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, gather together around its castle for "Medieval Week", a festival that celebrates the origins of this village in Val di Sole. Don't miss the international symposium of wood carving inspired by the theme of water, or the medieval dinner inside Castello San Michele. 

Ala città di Velluto, Ala

The dreamlike atmosphere of the 18th century echoes through the gardens, elegant palazzos and piazzas of Ala, awarded with the Italian Touring Club's Orange Flag. Returning again this year, from the 5th to the 7th July 2024, is "Ala città di velluto". Three days of shows, musical fairytales, a magic school, activities and offers for families, and guided tours with characters in 18th-century costume. 

Rustico Medioevo, Canale di Tenno

The village of Canale di Tenno, a stone's throw from Lago di Garda, with its vaults and stone houses, is the ideal place for a medieval reenactment. Don't miss the "Rustico Medioevo", from the 3rd to the 8th August 2024: knights, jesters, shows, games in the piazza and traditional dishes from lower Trentino are waiting for you. 

Mezzano Romantica, Mezzano

A packed events schedule featuring musicians, teachers and international students of the MAI Music Academy in New York. Opera, musicals, orchestral concerts and chamber music: a wide-ranging and varied musical programme in the romantic villages of Mezzano and Primiero.

Palio dela Brenta, Borgo Valsugana

On the banks of the River Brenta, in Borgo Valsugana, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, the historic challenge between the Farinota and Semolota districts takes place in August: the farmers and workers against the aristocrats, once divided by the river. Games from the past, historical parades, challenges between the two sides, crafts from yesteryear: three days to rediscover the village's traditions and flavours. 

Festa del canederlo, Imer

If you too love canederli (dumplings), this is the festival for you! From the 31st August to the 1st September 2024, in the village of Imer, in the Primiero Valley, you can taste all kinds of dumplings... savoury or sweet, in broth or dry, with meat, cheese or vegetables. If you want, you can also prepare them yourself by taking part in the workshop "How do you prepare Canederli?". 

PerVia Circus Festival, Pieve Tesino

In July, the streets of Pieve Tesino, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, and the internal garden of Villa Daziaro, come to life with shows from Italian and international street artists, for the "PerVia Circus Festival". This is a one-of-a-kind event, suitable for children and families, exciting for young people, and intriguing for curious people of any age

Published on 24/05/2024