Ski & Family

We know what it takes to make a successful family ski holiday

You need more than a good ski school if you want your children to love their time on the slopes.


Need some quality time with your kids? Then point your skis towards Trentino. We make family ski holidays easy, with friendly instructors, great facilities, and confidence-boosting pistes. There’s lots to do beyond the slopes when the skiing day is over, too.


All sorts of elements go together to make a successful family ski holiday. You need a good ski school of course, staffed by instructors who love working with children, and can make them feel relaxed and excited in this new world snow. You need great facilities too: in particular, ski kindergartens set on the gentlest slopes, away from busy pistes and equipped with un-scary magic carpet lifts. And once the children have mastered their snowplough turns, you need broad and easy runs on which everyone can ski together as a family.

But that’s not all. However good their ski school, young children are going to love mucking about in the snow just as much as their lessons. So toboggan runs, snow-tubing, ice-skating rinks and playgrounds are just as important.


In Trentino, we provide these facilities as a matter of course. After all, we learnt to ski here, and now our children and grandchildren are learning too. So why not come and join the fun?