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In Trentino, artists take inspiration from the beauty of the landscape to create works capable of instilling emotions and helping us reflect on our relationship with the environment. Enjoy an unforgettable live concert high up in the mountains or take a stroll through the woods that play host to an open-air exhibition of contemporary art

Some say that art imitates nature and, in Trentino, sources of inspiration are not lacking. It’s not surprising then that artists from all over the globe are attracted to this magical place, “home to the soul”, creating works of art that add constantly to an ever increasing cultural offer. All through the year, festivals, concerts, open-air exhibits and artistic itineraries allow visitors to see, hear and touch this special bond between art and nature, within these unique natural surroundings crowned by the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site.


The Sounds of the Dolomites: enjoying music in an unrivalled natural setting

Every summer the peaks of the Dolomites host dozens of open-air live concerts: at the Sounds of the Dolomites music festival, international artists exhibit themselves on unique natural stages. From classical music to jazz, from world music encompassing genres from around the globe to the more personal performances of renowned singer-songwriters, this festival proposes an array of musical appointments that cross borders, genres, language or culture.

Artists and spectators reach the site of the concert together where, with your rucksack off and a blanket on the grass, they partake in an unmatched musical event surrounded by majestic peaks, meadows, woodlands and maybe the fickle colours of dawn in the high mountains. Most concerts take place in the early afternoon but some get under way at first light in a charming and unforgettable atmosphere.

The festival also organises multi-day treks along Dolomite itineraries within Trentino, accompanied by mountain guides and the musicians themselves, with whom you can share the emotion of reaching the summits and the well-earned rest in one of the mountain huts at the end of a long day. Dates: 30 June - 31 August


Arte Sella, a creation that animates the woodlands

In the centuries-old forest that hosts Arte Sella, in Valsugana, a trail winds its way through the trees revealing a series of exhibits created using only natural elements. Branches, leaves, stones, grass and tree trunks are the raw materials with which, since 1986, over 300 artists from around the world have created an open-air exhibition that transforms itself annually with the passing of the seasons.

Arte Sella is a successful example of land art, in which artistic creations blend with their natural surroundings in a search for new aesthetic forms and expression. In Trentino, art enthusiasts can also visit the high-mountain art park Respirart in Pampeago, where art exhibits seems to open a dialogue with the sharp peaks of the Latemar, or maybe stop at the Bosco Arte Stenico, in the Valli Giudicarie, where a pleasant walk allows visitors to explore the symbolism of contemporary art.


The Trento Film Festival: mountains, protagonists on the big screen

Established in 1952, the Trento Film Festival is the longest running international film festival dedicated to the mountain environment and its climbers and explorers. Today it represents an essential appointment for thousands of aficionados, directors, producers, authors and publishers from all over the world that, every year, transform the city of Trento into an international mountain capital.

This festival proposes a selection of the best films, documentaries and shorts that depict the mountain environment or the more extreme regions on the planet. These works narrate the complexities of the bond between man and nature and help promote the spread of knowledge and underline the need to protect of these areas. Of course, they are also a celebration of the mountain realm, with all of its conquests, protagonists and sports.

Over the course of over 60 editions, the festival has screened thousands of films and has become a laboratory of visions and reflections on life at the top of the world. Today, the festival’s archive holds over 4,000 mountain films (with a special place for those dedicated to the Alps and the Dolomites): an unrivalled collection for researchers and enthusiasts alike.