The Breath of the Trees - Lavarone

The tradition of art combined with nature, where nature is itself art. From a brilliant idea by Giampaolo Osele, architect and sculptor from Lavarone.

The route is an invitation to discover, in a new and original way, the section of the Lavarone plateau that overlooks the deep valley of the Centa and the Alta Valsugana along an easy itinerary, in which the suggestions of the environment are combined with the suggestion of art. It can be tackled in almost all seasons. It is ideal for families with children over the age of 6 (even with a pushchair) and for school groups.

It consists of numerous works by various artists whose passion has succeeded in fusing nature and the magic of art to create incredible sculptures. Each work through its carvings, weaves and joints will immediately catch your eye and transport you to the most primordial and purest nature.

The central element of the individual works is the tree as an element of life. Each sculpture is a discreet reflection that blends in with its surroundings.

The Breath of Trees is part of Land Art