Cei – Prà dall’Albi Lake

Walk between the two lakes

The walk allows you to discover a wide variety of ecosystems: the pond, the bog, the beech forest are just a few examples.

The protected area includes two large basins. The first includes two lakes, Cei Lake and one minor, called Lagabis. Continuing at the Glen Cei that descends northwards to Cimone and Aldeno, you will meet two peaty areas.

The second basin is smaller, and is separated from the first by a line of hills. It hosts a swamp-lake of great interest, known as “Pra dell'Albio” or “Lake St. Martin”.

Through the centuries, these places were subject to continuous human presence with all sorts of people that have occurred over time, leaving important traces of their passage. An important witness is formed by the St. Martin in Trasiel church, attainable with a short detour from the ring of course.