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Festival of Meteorology

Event broadcast in live streaming from Rovereto

The Meteorology festival deals with meteorology in relation to climate, agriculture, energy and health, with a focus on the atmosphere and the spread of Covid-19 virus.
The 6th edition of the Meteorology Festival will take place online. The event will be broadcast in live streaming from the Museum of Science and Archeology of Rovereto, on the Youtube channels of the Meteorology Festival and of the Fondazione Museo Civico Rovereto. The event aims to reach not only the experts of meteorology in Italy, but also those who work in neighboring sectors – in particular agriculture, energy and health – as well as enthusiasts and all those interested in understanding more on how meteorology works, especially in a context of rapid evolution of technology, society and climate on a global scale. MeteorologyFestival Programme 9-13 | The frontiers of meteorology, agriculture does not stand by and watch The world of agriculture has always been very attentive to weather forecasts: the outcome of an entire agricultural year can depend on weather events, whether favourable or unfavourable. In a changing climate, what tools and criteria do we have to predict weather events and organize actions and defences to prevent possible damage? 13.30-14.10 | Meteorology and health: the atmosphere and the spread of Covid Moderator: Dino Zardi What do we know about how the virus spreads in the atmosphere? From the myriad of minute droplets that are emitted with a cough, to the trajectories they make in the vortices of atmospheric turbulence, we discover what are the laboratory tests, visualizations with special effects, laboratory simulations at the basis of distancing rules and criteria adopted on the use of appropriate sanitary defence devices. 14.20-15.50 | Open Meteorology: are data and information accessible to everyone? Moderator: Mauro Gaddo (Meteotrentino) With the advent of the internet and social media, and the widespread diffusion of mobile phones and tablets, communication systems offer endless possibilities to share data, images, results of the processing of meteorological models. The European Union has set up the “Copernicus” agency precisely to encourage this spread. On the other hand, free access to quality information is an essential element for those who practice the profession of meteorologist, especially outside public institutions, both as a freelancer and as a company. But are the data from meteorological observations truly accessible to everyone, or is there still a lot to share? 16.10-17.10 | Meteorology and energy Moderator: Dino Zardi The demand for energy is strongly linked to meteorological situations. Both the heating and cooling of buildings require the use of large amounts of energy, especially in intensely and extensively urbanized areas. At the same time, all renewable energy sources – solar, wind, hydroelectric – depend on meteorological factors, which are by their nature irregular but not unpredictable. What challenges arise today for weather forecasting serving the energy sector? What scenarios from the changes that climate model projections predict? Detailed program of the event with speakers and title of the  speeches (Italian only)

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