Top 5 on your "to taste" list in Trentino

The "unmissable" flavours in the UNESCO World Heritage sites for any fan of local products

Top 5 on your "to taste" list in Trentino
Top 5 on your "to taste" list in Trentino


The cheese route leads the visitor on a discovery of the Eastern Trentino cheese culture and some of the most characteristic products of the region, such as the "Puzzone di Moena Dop".


Valle di Ledro is famous for its polenta, made either with cornmeal like the famous "yellow gold" from Storo, or with potatoes and local cheeses. But there are also flavours tied to fish caught fresh in the lake.


The recurrent autumn triptych celebrates the most typical products of Judicaria: the potatoes of Lomaso, the Bleggio nut and the "ciuìga", a Slow Food cold-cut of San Lorenzo in Banale.


In the area of the forts on the Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna plateau, visitors can also appreciate the dishes reminding of the German culture linked to the Cimbrian populations, like the recipes with Vezzena cheese.


Valle di Cembra offers one of the most beautiful and well-groomed terraced vineyard landscapes of the Alps. This culture of wine has brought us the excellent Muller-Thurgau.
Published on 06/06/2023