Riding on the Paganella Plateau...

... and then a dip in Lake Molveno and a paragliding flight

Have you ever heard about the Paganella Bike Park? No? Then have a look here! It is one of the best bike resorts in Europe as it boasts over 400 km of bike trails in the heart in the Dolomites. The Paganella is a vast area which, with its meadows and steep woods, lends itself to all two-wheel sports! In fact, the most beautiful flow, all mountain and enduro trails are right here!

The park organisation is impeccable and there is something to suit everyone: for both beginners and experts, but also for those who are new to biking, mountain bike guides and well stocked rentals are at your service!

How to find your bearings? It is easy! Everything (or almost everything) starts from Andalo, Molveno and Fai della Paganella, where there are three Bike Park Areas that are connected by trails and mountain lifts.

And for those who ride a classic mountain bike? There are a variety of signposted routes for all levels and sports disciplines, ranging from easy paths on dirt roads and in the woods, suitable also for families, to the nearby cycle paths down in the valley. So, with a map in your hand, off you go on your bike!

The Dolomites and its adventures: MTB on the Paganella Plateau

".... a vast area which, with its meadows and steep woods, lends itself to all two-wheel sports"

Do you want to treat yourself to a relaxing day between one bike excursion and the next on the slopes of the Paganella? There is nothing better than Lake Molveno: a crystal clear, uncontaminated Alpine lake, which has a lovely beach and lawn where you can relax and sunbathe for hours, but also go for a pedal boat ride to keep in shape. Lifting your gaze from your book and seeing this lake with the Brenta Dolomites in the background is absolutely fantastic!

Do you want to do something different and adrenaline-charged? Above Lake Molveno there is a paragliding area and a two-seater paraglider could be just the thing for you! If you take a scenic flight with a qualified pilot, you will see these beautiful places from another perspective. A way to have your head in the clouds and gain greater self-awareness, a different and therefore special experience!

What is the catchword for these activities? WOW, or rather WOOOOOOW: you don’t have to remember it, it will come to you naturally as soon as you see one of the Bike Areas, as soon as you lift your gaze and see the skyline of the Dolomites, as soon as you fly high above and it will really be like being in heaven!

I Fly Team Molveno Parapendio | © Foto inviate via mail

"You will see these beautiful places from another perspective"

What are you waiting for to start this new adventure? Whether you are a bike expert or you just want to ride along the cycle path around Lake Andalo and relax a bit at the lake, this is just right for you! Family, couple or group of friends? These places are suitable for everyone: Many hotels are family friendly and offer a wide range of services for children, places where you can have an aperitif and there are plenty of pubs and beach parties. You will be amazed by the delicious candlelight dinners you can have agritourism establishments or restaurants!

Finally, the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area has everything bike lovers need: mountain lifts, rentals, guide-led tours, gps routing, signs, maps, MTB route suggestions, BiciBUS shuttle service, MTB guides and instructors, courses and much more. On the Paganella Plateau mountain biking is serious stuff!

Written by Linda Grossi, a mountain climber and low-altitude mountain guide

Published on 06/06/2023